Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yeah ... so I had a post about running (long story short: I'm not a runner so much as I am a person who now & again goes for a run).

But then I got bored by it and got into an ERMAHGERD conversation on Twitter and then was directed to this:

ERMAHGERD Translator

So I did that for a while instead.

And here is my running post, reworked. Sorry it's all caps; it's ERMAHGERD and I don't think that comes in lower case:

I WERNT FER A RERN! (I went for a run)
ERT WERS HERT! (It was hot)
ERND QERTE ERNPLERSERNT! (and quite unpleasant)
ER'M GERNNA RERN A FERVE K! (I'm gonna run a 5k)
BERT PRERBERBLER NERT ERNER MAHE RERCERS ERFTER THERT ERNER! (But probably not any more races after that one)


  1. I'm pretending to train for a HERLF MAHERTHERN.

  2. I type that way on my own, damn fat fingers...

  3. PS - you didn't run outside did you? Cause that will KILL you.

  4. Nope. No outside running for this old lady. Because I am OLD and not CRAZY. :)