Monday, September 17, 2012

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Okay, I'm like literally squeeing over here--SQUEEING, I tell you!

For it's drawing near to the release of my fiction debut.

I know--you're all like Yeah, you told us about that already! and I'm all like Yeah, but now I have more details--exciting details--and an excerpt!

I wrote a story for this anthology called Midnight Troll, which features gross, hairy trolls and awesome, butt-kicking troll hunters.

Buzz Books is promoting the release of this anthology with a special deal for book clubs: host a Something Wicked party in October and Buzz will send you:
  • Day of the Dead masks (on paper along with paper plates for you to glue them to) for you to decorate at your party
  • A Something Wicked game to find out how wicked your friends truly are. Ask them to come in costume or simply for a girls night out. (Ages 12+) 
  • A spooky Something Wicked menu with recipe ideas for your party. 
Retail price of the paperback will be $8.99, but Something Wicked parties will get a special rate of $8 per book (minimum order is 5), payment is due at the time of the order. The host gets her copy for FREE. Plus FREE shipping if you order before 10/1.

You can either give Something Wicked paperbacks as a gift OR ask your friends/book club ahead of time to reimburse you for them. The books will come to the hosts’ home. Then we hope you’ll take picture of yourselves in your decorated masks to share on Facebook. All the details may be found here.

And now, I present an excerpt from my story, Midnight Troll
It was dark—really dark—on that street. I chose the car for that reason, thinking I could rest undetected, but being trapped never occurred to me. My skin crawled, just like it had all those nights in the doorways, just like it did in my dreams and I had that creepy feeling like something was watching me, something was not right.

SQWAK! The door I rested against just moments before ripped open and a thick voice yelled “Where is she!?” It sounded like the speaker was yelling through a mouthful of pudding. Gross. Whoever that pudding mouth was, he was looking for me. My heart began to thud.

“No!” another voice yelled. I felt the car rumble as it shook, more struggling and the sound of something loud skidding across the ground. I reached down when it thunked against my shoe and found a heavy length of chain. It would have to serve as my protection.

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