Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Lazy Diva

I was thinking I should go get a manicure this afternoon. I'm dressed nice (50s-style day dress with an abstract print and a matching cardi, pearl earrings and a belt that coordinates but does not match, cute wedges. It's my Michelle Obama look.) from a meeting this morning but my nails are a bit ragged and I've got an hour to kill before it's time to pick up the kids.

But then, I thought better of it. Bit off my nails and took a nap instead.
Easily suggestible me + news story on fall fashion +
dull scissors + no coffee = wispy bangs.
Disclaimer: photo was taken after I was properly
caffeinated and primped.

This after I spent a misguided few minutes before I had coffee giving myself some wispy bangs that made me look less cutting-edge supermodel and more Ina Garten.

Thinking I should rebrand my self "The Lazy Diva" but I'm still a little tired so not entirely motivated to bring this to fruition.


1 comment:

  1. I LOVE Ina Garten. LOVE her, like the favorite aunt I never had. I went to beauty college, spent years working in salons and spas as an Esthetician, and absolutely hate maintenance. So I don't do it. Notice my fuzzy eyebrows.