Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Week in Words (August 27-31)

I was lamenting the fact that I don't feel like a blogger right now because I've been not blogging so much here on this page, which is the blog that bears my name.

But, as my friend gently reminded me (with a snort and a "duh!"), this blog bears my name but so many others bear my words. Couple that with the great sense of empowerment I feel now that Bic has created a pen just for me (and my tiny lady hands! Squee!), and well ... I just couldn't contain myself.

So let me lay down my week in words here.
  • Monday's post at MetroFamily Magazine I talked about how I'm helping my son to get in touch with his gratitude (featuring a gratuitous Oprah mention). Then, over on the Chick Wit weekly group post, we discussed Fall movies and what we were looking forward to.
  • Thursday I got busy at the Music Mamas, comparing the new P!nk and No Doubt cuts in advance of their new albums.
  • Then finally, on Friday at the Book End Babes I lamented the fact that I did not fall in love with Jen Lancaster's fiction debut (If You Were Here), even though I really, really wanted to.
And for more fun at the expense of the Bic pen for her, be sure to check out this video by my friend, the TMI Mom.

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  1. And you did Chick-Wit on Monday. You blog a LOT, my friend!