Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Week in Words (Sept 2-8)

Why the week in review? Because this blog right here is not equipped to deal with all the awesome that's up in here, yo.

So on Monday, I dished with the Chicks about the recent escapades of Prince Harry in Vegas. Now hearing that he's deployed to Afghanistan (where he's known simply as Captain Wales--no princely titles for him), it kind of puts his need to blow off some steam into perspective.

Tuesday, back on the Chicks and celebrating my love/hate relationship with the Fair. And my hate/hate relationship with the Ferris Wheel. Don't even try to tell me that thing isn't a deathtrap. I've seen 1941.

Caution: This clip contains off-color late 70s humor. 

Then, finally, like a promise, it was Friday. And I went over and loaded a Fiver on the Music Mamas. Not familiar with the Fiver? Well, it's the brainchild of Ri and it's five random, unidentified songs. You listen to them, leave your thoughts in the comments and enjoy the discourse. Then Sunday is the scoop to find out the details behind the music.

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