Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Week in Words (Sept 9-15)

As per the norm, there was a lot of chatting going on by me this week.

Got an early jump on posts this week with a Sunday Scoop at the Music Mamas.

Rolled into Monday with a post-Grandparents Day entry with a book review at MetroFamily. Coincidentally, on Sunday night I was watching Long Island Medium (LOVE. HER! More on that later) with my son & it led to a very tear-filled conversation about Teresa coming over to help us talk to Grandpa (who passed last year). Also inspired a very philosophical discussion about what and where Heaven is--because when we saw ParaNorman (and when he read the book) one of the plot points is about a soul stuck on earth due to unfinished business. So the souls that the medium connected with were very confusing. Not a conversation you read about in those parenting tomes, but it was a very real chat.

Then the Chick Wit Group post the same day. Dani & I broke it down about pet names while Heather jetted off to New York City (NEW YORK CITY!!?) to work on a top secret project ... which is kind of ironic. You'll find out why later.

Tuesday featured a "Just Do It!" post over at MariEdits. Because how else are you going to get it done unless you start it? I need this phrase tattooed on the inside of my eyelids. I also name-check one of the best books I've read recently and adored.

Broke it down like a food blogger back here on Wednesday. Linked up with an awesome website for bloggers called Yeah Write. Made me step up my game, yo! That was a fun post, but it underscored the fact that it's not for me.

Then Thursday it was a book review at Book End Babes. The book is about manners and the first word of the review is ... poop. Because of course it is.

On Thursday, I also saw Katie Couric's new talk show (part of it, at least) and was well impressed by it. Also saw Jenny Lawson--the Blogess--in an interview. I immediately went and bought her book on Kindle. The sample had been sitting on my carousel of shame for months, and I never got around to buying it. I'd seen the blog and nearly pissed myself over Beyonce the chicken, but I never felt like I could relate to her. Maybe it's the picture. She looks too cool for me. But I saw here today on Katie, and she was like ... a normal person. So I bought the book. I'm kind of crushing on her. Platonically.

Then Friday. Friday was a tough day. But we made it to Saturday and it's a beautiful day! Overcast and cool, just like fall oughta be. I'm wearing jeans that reach my shoes for the first time since I went to Alaska earlier this summer & I could not be thrilleder.

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