Monday, October 01, 2012

1: meme Monday

Yay! It's here!


Let's celebrate with a musical meme, shall we? And yes, I promise that's the last time I'll refer to October that way, mmmkay?

But first, what kind of self-promoter would I be if I didn't encourage you to go to Amazon (paperback or Kindle version!) or BN (paperback or Nook version!) to get your copy of Something Wicked? A horrible self-promoter, that's what kind. Here's a little sample, even:
It was dark--really dark--on that street. I chose the car for that reason, thinking I could rest undetected, but being trapped never occurred to me. My skin crawled, just like it had all those nights in the doorways, just like it did in my dreams and I had that creepy feeling like something was watching me, something was not right.
SQWAK! The door I rested against just moments before ripped open and a thick voice yelled "Where is she!?" It sounded like the speaker was yelling through a mouthful of pudding. Gross. Whoever that pudding mouth was, he was looking for me. My heart began to thud.
"No!" another voice yelled. I felt the car rumble as it shook, more struggling and the sound of something loud skidding across the ground. I reached down when it thunked against my shoe and found a heavy length of chain. It would have to serve as my protection.

Now for the music!

This is the iTunes meme. easy to play, just open up your iTunes & play along.

Number of songs in music library: 5,161

Total amount of time it would take to listen to your iTunes: 14 days

Top 10 Most Played Songs (No Repeat Artists):

  1. To Have & To Have Not / Little Rude Girl (Lars Fredericksen & The Bastards) tie for first place!
  2. Tall Cans in the Air (Transplants)
  3. New Wave (Against Me!)
  4. Disconnected (Rancid)
  5. Bleed it Out (Linkin Park)
  6. Narayan (The Prodigy)
  7. Antmusic (Adam Ant)
  8. In Between Days (The Cure)
  9. How You Like Me Now (The Heavy)
  10. Bad Reputation (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts)
Since I took out the repeat artists, that took out a lot of other songs by repeat artists. So this is more like my top 20. Most of these are mostly my cardio songs, my wave your hands in the air and move it like you just don't care songs, and this list making me realize that I really need to look into some new music.

First Five Songs That Come Up On Shuffle:
  1. Melody Emergency (Gossip)
  2. No Brakes (The Offspring)
  3. Kiss an Angel Good Morning (Charley Pride)
  4. Heat of the Moment (Asia)
  5. These Eyes (The Guess Who)
Search (how many songs come up):
  • “sex”: 37
  • “love”: 205
  • “you”: 618
  • “death”: 21
  • “hate”: 20
  • “wish”: 22
  • “dream”:37

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