Monday, October 22, 2012


Happy Monday! No? Well, Monday anyway.

And for no good reason, I've chosen this song today:

Letters to Cleo: Here & Now

Made popular after being featured, I think, in Melrose Place. But don't judge on that. It's still an awesome song, if only for the chorus that is sung at such a fast pace. It was my goal to learn said chorus (in those innocent, pre-internet days, when such tasks were somewhat arduous).

And I'll never forget it.

... the comfort of the knowledge of a rise above the sky above can never parallel the challenge of an acquisition in the ... here and now ... here and now ...

I found the band's hard to find CD (Aurora Gory Alice) and there were a few good songs that have stayed with me long after the CD has found its way somewhere else (including the hooky opening Big Star). I adore the lead singer. I adore singer Kay Hanley's voice, distinct and kind of throaty. She lends a very clear believability to the songs as she sings them.

So for me, this song does make it a happy Monday.

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