Tuesday, October 23, 2012

23: Super Tuesday

Let me just lay it out there: I'm a blue girl living in a red state. It makes politics ... well, let's call it interesting. We watched the third debate last night, and when the other guy was talking, one of my kids called him a "poophead."

This is not okay with me.

I explained to her that this man, while neither my favorite person nor my candidate of choice, is first of all a grown up; second of all, a candidate for the leader of the free world. And he deserves respect. Not just from my 8-year-old, but from everyone.

In the last election, my kids would come home from school and talk about how the candidate that I was supporting was the Devil incarnate. How he was a baby-killer (which made it necessary for me to explain "pro choice" to my 1st grader who wanted to know why I thought a baby killer was a good choice). They told me that the lives of our American military members (including their own dad) were threatened by this candidate that I supported.

That's just not cool.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion and we have amendments that ensure we are allowed to say whatever we want to say about whatever we want to talk about! But, unfortunately, there is no amendment to underscore just how much of a responsibility this is. And is this what we really want to teach our children? Not me.

I support your right to back your candidate for the reasons you feel are important to you, just as I will do. I will vote for the candidate who has best articulated to me the way that issues that matter to me, to my family, will be addressed. 

I'm open to political discussions, but not as open as I used to be. I don't want rhetoric or hyperbole. I want plain language and straight answers. And I do want the separation of church and state because that's something that I believe in. I don't embrace controversy and I don't want to start a fight with anyone. I don't want to hear about how you think my candidate "sucks" or is "anti-American." If you really want to convince me that your candidate is the right choice, tell me what's right about your candidate; not what is perceived wrong with mine.

It's not okay to call either guy a "poophead." Because when either guy gets elected, he's the President and we, as Americans, should work to support him, no matter if he's our candidate or not, because his job is to lead our country and make it successful.

So, since this was a big, long political rant about politics and respect, the natural song choice I was going with is Aretha Franklin's Respect. But that's not the song that's in my head right now. So for no other reason than it's my earworm, here is your song of the day:

Peter Schilling's Major Tom. I used to have this song in my iTunes but it was sacrificed to the ether and now I can only find the German version. Sigh.


  1. Bravo! Dead-on-balls accurate as usual, Mari!

    1. Thanks, man! You make me feel smart. :)

  2. Well said...from the OTHER blue girl in this red, red state. ;)