Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 12: Extremes

Why is it that being a parent brings with it so many extreme highs and lows? Any given day will bring me to tears, of both joy ... and pain.

Like yesterday. So much pushback.
"I can't do this! What does this mean!?"
"I got hurt at school today."
"I forgot my lunch at school. So I bought lunch. Oh and I forgot to bring it home."
"I got a D on this paper. And these 5 answers are marked off because the teacher couldn't read my writing."
"I can't do this! I hate this!"
"Where are my shoes?"
"MAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOM! Where are the pencils?"
"Oh. I was putting my shoes away and I got distracted. I was playing."
"I lost my library book."
"I'm done cleaning my room! Except for making my bed ... and cleaning that off the floor ... oh and I forgot all that stuff in the corner ..."

And also, bright moments.
"I love helping you make dinner, mom."
"I'm almost done with my project!"
"What can I help with?"
"I get to go to the good conduct celebration next week."
"I love you. You're the best mommy in the world."
"My family is awesome."
"May I please have snugglebunnies?"
"I'm so happy!"

You've gotta take the good with the bad, right? In the immortal words of Rob Base ... it's like sunshine & rain.

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