Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am not a food blogger, part deux

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt: Tell us about the best meal you ever cooked. 

Hmm. Good question. I do like to cook. It's fun, it's an enjoyable creative outlet. I talk to the invisible TV crew (sometimes out loud; mostly in my head). I practice my fake smile. I try to make it look pretty. I fail miserably at the whole timing thing (nothing ever gets done at the same time). I've already broken down my kitchen prowess (or lack thereof) in a post (the single most popular post I've ever done), but please, allow me to expand.

Right now I strive for the meal that makes everyone happy. The one that the kids eat with happy abandon instead of pick at like a loose scab. The one that my husband likes without a healthy dose of hot sauce poured over top. Most recently, this has been chicken breast sauteed with garlic and onion served with roasted cauliflower. But lightning did not strike twice; made the same dish a few weeks later to a lukewarm reception. I have a fickle crew.

I remember once when my mom went away when I was in high school, it was just my dad and I at home. Mom told me what to make but I was so under-experienced, my dad ended up saving the day. That day, I learned how to properly cook potatoes. An important skill to have, for sure, which I was reminded of years later when my husband & I attended a potluck where the mashed potatoes were raw because someone didn't know that you had too cook them before you mashed them. That must have been one hell of an arm workout.

I enjoy having people at my table; it might be because our immediate family was 9 people strong when I was a kid, and our holidays always included lots of extended family pushing us closer to 20. So it warms my heart to see a crowd sitting down and eating together.

I don't have a meal that is my favorite, but I do have recipes that are amazing. And amazingly simple.

Last year, I roasted the best chicken I've ever eaten. Ingredients? Chicken, salt, pepper. The skin turned out crispy and perfect (not healthy, but so tasty. So perfect).

More recently, I've discovered the joy of Brussels sprouts, and I've roasted them to crispy perfection. Ingredients? Brussels sprouts, olive oil. salt, pepper.

When my mom visited last month, I made us a salad for lunch using leftover veggies in the fridge. Ingredients: tomatoes, cucumbers, green and red bell peppers cut into 1/2"-1" chunks. Onion cut into thin strips. Handful of kalamata olives. Handful of crumbled feta cheese. Good dose of Greek vinaigrette. Eat it just like that or with a bowl of greens.

And when you make these recipes, don't forget to smile like an idiot and talk to your fake camera. Oh, and take lots of pictures! I did not take any photos of these foods. Instead, I ate them. *burp*

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