Monday, November 12, 2012

Pfft; Monday

Last night I was given a bit of a shock. I read someone's post about boys bullying girls. What causes this, they wondered? Do the boys learn this at home, or just pick it up as they go?

Many of those who responded had expected answers; some felt it was learned behavior from their own fathers, some felt it was a societal issue. It's a tough question to answer; who can really determine where someone learns how to be hurtful to people?

The commenters that really struck me were the ones who blamed women. They pointed fingers at women, who through becoming empowered feminists have emasculated men to the point where they have no choice but to lash out at women and try to hurt them in order to make themselves feel stronger. Others blamed working women for children who hurt others.

Say what?

This was not my post to hijack, so I kept silent. But what I wanted to say is this: some people are just assholes. Like the kid who shot up his school even though his parents are perfectly lovely people who did their best to raise him in a loving environment. And, yeah, like people who blame women when men get abusive. But these responses just threw me for a loop. Way to blame the victim, commenter 1, and you mean to tell me that since I'm doing my best to live a happy and fulfilled life by working at a job that challenges me, or for all of those women who work because they need the money or for whatever reason, their kids aren't going to be happy? Just when I thought it couldn't get absurder.

I'm done with that. That's enough tomfoolery and the assholes have taken enough of my time.

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On to the NaBloPoMo for today!

Where is your favorite place to blog?
How to answer this one? I blog in about a million different places … here is where I talk about all the random stuff. I talk about editing. About pop culture. About parenting issues. About books. About music. I guess my favorite place to blog would be here, because it’s where I’m most myself.

My favorite place to blog, as in my favorite place to be writing would be in my “office,” which is really the corner of the loveseat in front of the window in my living room. I have a proper type office in my home, but that has become the room of crap, and is not so much a useful office. We are growing out of our home, and being that I primarily work at home, it seems even smaller.

And then sometimes, I like to kick it old-school, and I’ll write in a notebook while I’m waiting in the car or somewhere else. Sometimes the right words don’t come without the proper tools. And sometimes the proper tools are a pen and paper. And in that case, I like the old-school Bic pens with the clear hexagonal barrel, in blue or red, and a college-ruled notebook.

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  1. WTF were those people thinking? That's nothing but cra-cra talk!