Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Super Duper Tuesday

As I'm writing this post, I don't know the election results. It's currently about 4:30pm on Tuesday afternoon and I don't think any of the polls are even close to closing yet, though I must register my shock that more states haven't been called one way or the other (it seems, like holiday decorations, that happens earlier & earlier each election season). Today (Tuesday) I took my kids (ages 8 & 10) to the polling place with me today. We stood in line for about an hour for the ballot. I wanted them to see how it worked, our democratic process. Their thoughts?

Democracy is boring.

Yes, the wait was boring. We spent an hour standing around doing nothing. But it's a small price to pay. I explained to them how lucky we are to have the opportunity to do so. How lucky we are to live in this country, where we can choose our leaders. I explained to them that many countries don't have this amazing opportunity. Some countries, you can get killed for speaking your mind. Women aren't allowed a voice in the process. They had a hard time believing that. They might think I'm lying, because to them, this just sounds absurd. But it's true. And we need to be thankful, and we need to live up to our responsibility as Americans, to take our part in the process, and to vote. Makes me all tingly.  And I can't wait to see the results start rolling in, to see the states falling to the left or the right, showing us a path for the next 4 years. It's heady stuff.

But, regardless of who the winner is, this next 4 years must bring bipartisanship. We don't have a dictatorship, after all; the President doesn't work alone, in a vacuum, making choices without input or control or regulation. Our government has a built-in control system, the House, the Senate, and leaders from all over the country, come together to work together to lead our country. That's the way it's supposed to be, right? That's how I understand it, anyway. So that's what I'm championing. Working together, as we all should, for the good of our country.

* * *

And now to our NABLOPOMO prompt of the day:

Talk about the last compliment you received.
That's an easy one. When my Mom was visiting last month, she said to me: “You don’t have many prejudices, do you?”

No, I don’t. I think everyone has the right to a good life, the right to be happy, the opportunity to do the right thing. I don’t judge people—unless people judge me or show me through their actions that I can’t trust them. And then maybe still I won’t judge but I’ll choose not to get close or trust.

Maybe once, when I was younger, my mind was much narrower. I passed quick, harsh judgements about people, their choices and what I thought was right or wrong about them. But that's really not my place, is it? So I just try to step away from judgement, from criticism and from prejudices. And that suits me just fine.

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