Monday, December 03, 2012

47 days; not quite a Kardash

A Kardash, of course, being defined here.

I only made it 47 days before I flaked out.

Sorry, I just couldn't finish the blog post a palooza because I just couldn't stand "hearing" myself talk anymore. Seriously? I don't have that much to say and nobody cares that much about what I have to say. Not even my mother--who, for the record, doesn't have internet access anyway, so she doesn't read my blog.

I think that I am safe in making a declaration (from the rooftops!) that I shall not (if it can be helped!) participate in another one of these scripted post series (unless I change my mind!), unless I change my mind.

Until next time, of course.

Looking back, in 2011 I had a total of 1 blog post for the entire month of December. I'm thinking I'll beat that number. But maybe not by much.

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