Monday, December 31, 2012


Because it's a new year, yo. And because I found a list of resolutions I made in April of 2005 (I was clearly either a procrastinator or a nonconformist). So what did the the not yet 35-year-old Mari wish for the new year?

These resolutions were made after reading an article in Family Circle magazine written by Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race. Phil gave a list of 8 tips for creating the life you want, and one of those tips was to make your own list of what you want to change in your life. Not exactly resolutions, but pretty darn close. I wrote my list, put it with the article, shoved it in a drawer and quickly forgot about it until I found it a few months ago.

Here was my list (and results).
  • Sing "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" at karaoke.
DONE! More than once, even. This was the song that popped my karaoke cherry, so to speak, and I've gone a few times after that. I'm not a great singer but I have fun doing it, and that's what makes me good at it. But I'm not as good as the guy who sang the Doors' "Touch Me," complete with a rousing romp all over the stage as he climbed over chairs and then he topped it all off with a set-ending mic drop. 
  • Ride a horse on the beach at sunset.
Really? Clearly I was reading some serious Nicholas Sparks books at this point in my life. Still sounds like fun, and more specifically, sounds like something one does whilst on vacation in a warm and tropical locale sans-children, which I am still hoping for.
  • Own a bookstore.*
Have not done this. But still would like to. I've got a building picked out in downtown OKC, and someday when I inherit those millions, I'll buy it, convert it and you can visit me there.
  • Write my novel and get it published.*
Sort of did this one. Wrote a short story and got it published this fall. It was a step in the right direction, and I'm still hoping that I keep moving in that direction.
  • Make or take more time for myself.*
In progress.
  • Go to a live TV show taping.
Does going to the set of morning TV to work on short segments count? Because if it does, then I did this. But I'm thinking that when I wrote this, I was more thinking along the lines of Oprah or Ellen or something like that. But I'll count this as done, since it counts.
  • Visit Alaska.
Did it! Loved it. Want to do it again.

So, now what? In addition to those starred items, which are still in progress, what are the resolutions of old lady Mari?
  1. Participate in meaningful change in my community.
  2. Continue to try to be an aggressive seeker of truth.
  3. Educate my children on the music that matters.
  4. Be better. A better friend, parent, wife, daughter, editor, writer, overall person.
  5. Refrain from judging.
That's a harder list to quantify, but I guess that's okay. 

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