Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013: the year of the project

New year, new projects. That's the trend, anyway.

2012 brought me to Buzz Books, where I've enjoyed meeting an amazing group of professionals and being a part of producing books and stories that I'm proud to have had a part in. It also brought me Chick Wit, a pop culture blog where I drop it like it's hot with Heather and Dani, an amazing partnership and friendship that was forged this past year through shared stories of embarrassment and mutual adoration, and it's mad good fun.

2013, I hope brings even better things. Could that be possible?

First, new projects include the Oklahoma Women Bloggers network, a collaborative blog that will support and inform women bloggers in and around Oklahoma. My first official OWB post went up yesterday, and I can't wait to see how this collaboration progresses. We're building a physical community based on our virtual connections. It's terribly exciting.

I've started a series of posts on my other blog about how to be a successful freelance editor; this is the time of year that we all want to get started on new projects, right? I'm offering some tools to get you started on the right foot, should your project be that of becoming a freelance writer.

And because I've got an extra few moments in my day, I've decided to tackle the daily photo challenge, as evidenced at left here, the wee little slideshow that hopefully is still running. I actually got a jump on the challenge a few days early, perhaps because I'm a bit OCD and I like a project that begins at the beginning of the week, so my photo challenge began on December 30. We'll see how long this one continues.

2013 will also bring other new projects, in the form of more running, losing enough weight so I match what is printed on my driver's license, better home organization, playing guitar again, improving my own writing and editing skills, finishing knitting projects, staying in better contact with friends and family, reading all those books that I've downloaded onto my Kindle ... and clearly trying to find a way to add an extra 5 hours into my day. 

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