Monday, March 11, 2013

Music Monday

I know ... I know ... but I've been busy.

Work and family and more work and ... you get it.
So, to tide you over, anyone that's still out there waiting for an update, here are 3 songs that saved me in the past few days. Without further ado ...

1. Ray of Gob mashup.

For that moment when I was on the treadmill in the way too humid gym & I was sure that I didn't have another ounce to give. Then this song came on. And I dug for it.

2. Dreaming.

Because  (a) I really am no debutante and (b) dreaming? Dreaming is free.

3. Sweet Home Chicago.
Because when the plane got all skiddy on the runway in Chicago, but then finally came to a stop? This is what I sang with the lady next to me while we hugged. More on that later.

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