Sunday, June 16, 2013

[redacted] censorship.

Don't tell me what to write. Or read. Or watch. Or wear. Or say. Or eat. Or drink.
Or what not to write, read, watch, wear, say, eat or drink.
You don't have that authority.
I am a grown-ass woman.
You are also likely a grown up.
Are you going to choose to read more of this post or click away? It's entirely up to you.

It's up to you because you are free to decide what's right for you.
You make choices; grown ups have the ability to do this; we are (hopefully) educated to a degree to know how to make intelligent choices, both for yourself and for your family.

For years (and years ... and years ...) I've seen the use of scantily-clad women in advertising. What was that lady in the bikini shilling for? Detergent, really? Hmm. The other one? Oh, a web hosting service? Who'd-a thunk it?

I've tolerated this; I'm media-savvy. Sex sells. I know this. I know how to keep it in context. As long as these scantily-clad individuals are adults, I've got little problem with it. If something that I find offensive appears onscreen, I practice my god-given ability to change the channel, or better yet, turn off the TV.

Caveat: while I'm getting all soapboxy about sexy ads, there is most definitely a line. That line should not be crossed. There is scantily-clad in good fun and scantily-clad in poor taste with the intent to offend. I am referring to the former here. Now, back to the point.

Where was I? Oh yeah--now, the tables have turned to an enjoyable degree. I'm referring, of course, to the Old Spice ads.

And the Kraft salad dressing ads.

But an organization of moms is rallying and speaking out against these ads, appointing themselves the keepers of our morality and seeking to protect us from the finely sculpted pectorals displayed by both of these advertisers. I'll not include their name so as not to provide them more promotion. Because I'm the keeper of my morality, thank you very much. And my morality tells me that it's more important to respect others than it is to judge.

The problem I see with this group is that this it does good by striving to keep inappropriate content (such as the overtly sexual albeit humorous ads that are perfectly fine for adults) out of child-focused programming, or clothing and accessories that glamorize sex or drinking or drugs out of child-focused clothing racks. I totally get behind that; marketers don't get free reign when it comes to kids, they should be held accountable for the information that is presented to children just as parents are responsible for monitoring what their children are consuming. But this group also wants to paint their morals across all media, and that's where my issues lay.

You don't support gay rights? Don't watch the shows that feature storylines that do. But at the same time? Respect the rights of others who do support those rights. Respect the advertisers who respect them and choose to place their products there. Don't try to force everyone to conform to your point of view; accept that every person enjoys different beliefs. Nobody is forcing you to believe, so if you choose not to, then don't.

But don't try to change my mind by censorship. Instead, step away from the bully pulpit and exercise your right to change the channel.


  1. Amen.

    I can't think of anything else to say because you said it all so well.

    1. This was a very carefully worded post. When pointing out where others are offending, it can be tricky not to be offensive! lol

  2. I don't really mind the scantily-clad babes (or even dudes) when there's something interesting or creative. In fact I don't even really notice it anymore, in part because I'm usually watching TV with my GF and I feel like it would be disrespectful to gawk at bikini-clad women while she's sitting there. But when there's no content, nothing funny, interesting, creative and it's just hot women for their own sake, that's when I find myself getting offended. I'm looking at you,

    1. Agreed. If they give me something absurdly funny to laugh at, I appreciate it all the more. But if it's just bouncing boobies (or pecs, as the case may be), it's far less interesting.