Monday, August 05, 2013

Dude! Your vlog is showing.

So, welcome to the one where I do a video blog post to fulfill a challenge for the Oklahoma Women Bloggers.


  1. 1. Hair is cute!
    2. I hate blue cheese as well. It's just wrong.
    3. I would be a pirate, but I still love you anyway.
    4. Great vlog!

  2. Great vlog!

    1. I prefer honey mustard. Agree with the stinky cheese thing.
    2. Harney and Sons Paris Tea. I usually drink at least a pot a day.
    3. Not properly, but I'm I'm getting closer.
    4. Usually, I'm being chased. I have repeat dreams. One time I was so tired of the dreams that I realized I was dreaming and turned on the monster chasing me. And then I flew. I've never had that one again.
    5. Extrovert.
    6. It took me years to learn, but I finally can whistle.
    7. Piracy seems like a dirty, stinky life (see #1 for my aversion);however, I am wearing stripes right now.
    8.I'm not a big sports fan, but I do love watching basketball.
    9.My first thought in the morning is usually a string of curse words because my daughter starts making noise in the 5:00 hour. She's our loud and insistent alarm clock.

  3. I really liked your answer to the last question. That's probably what I would think too...or what I'm gonna think tomorrow morning. :)

  4. My first thought every morning is "Really? I just laid down."