Friday, October 11, 2013

10-11-13: Hey Friday

Subtitle: On frugality, ranting about crafts, setting limits and loving dive bars

Do you know what season it is? Well, yes, if you look at the calendar, it's fall. But if you look at the news you'll see it's government shutdown season. This has impacted my bottom line, and there's nothing like a hit to the pocketbook to make a girl start to think frugal thoughts.

So to that end, I've been trying to upcycle and repurpose items around the house or on the cheap. I've made some cool projects but yesterday? I may have jumped the shark.

Just a little bit.

I made coasters. Not just any coasters, but coasters cut out of cardboard boxes. This is a total lifehack if you ask me. I like beer, we have beer, and beer comes in these nice boxes with cool designs printed on them. I've seen it done before, so why not give it a go?
A stack of pumpkin beer coasters. Perfect for your fall fetes!

I was pretty damn happy with the results. I pictured rustic, shabby-chic decor. Beer bottles on coordinating coasters; branching out to wine boxes (not to be confused with boxed wine, but hey; I don't discriminate). There could be no limit to my creativity!

I think they're way cool. And when you take the lovely colors of the seasonal beers? You can make coasters for every season. For every event. And who cares if they get ruined? They're a cardboard box. The ultimate in recycling.

I blame Pinterest for this, in large part, because I've seen so many pinned coaster ideas. Most of them are something applied to something and then sealed, making a useless coaster. Coasters are meant to be absorbent, yes? If you take a tile, for instance, and apply something pretty to it and then seal it, it's no longer absorbent; it's just waterproof. So what's the point? We need function and form. Cardboard is the perfect medium.

My kids saw them on the table, thought they were a puzzle and immediately started to assemble the coasters into a puzzle. That wasn't easy to do since the pictures don't come together, so they were just annoyed.
Not so much a puzzle as a conundrum.

My husband thought I was joking with him--but this is the same guy who thought my lime-green suede driving moccasins were the ugliest shoes he's ever seen, so I take his opinion with a grain of salt (sorry baby; I do love you). Our tastes don't always follow the same flavor river, but that's okay. He'll come around.

I still think these are awesome. I'm keeping them and I plan to make more.What are your thoughts on the coasters made from a cardboard box? Is it shabby chic like a Mason jar drinking glass? Or crossing the line like a red Solo cup hot-glued to a dollar store candlestick?


At home on my kitchen table or in any quality dive bar.
 I think any proper dive bar wouldn't be complete without a stack of these waiting on your long necks at happy hour. And that makes me think that right about now would be a good time for a playlist. So enjoy some dive bar songs while you make some coasters of your own.

Directions to make your own awesome coasters:
1. Cut squares of about 3.5-4" from a cardboard box.
2. Put your beer on them.


  1. I love it! And you're done in about 3 seconds where as if you seal them you have to wait and wait and wait.

    1. Exactly. "It's a total win."
      That's going to be my tagline when I get my Omnimedia corporation and people clap for me when I make crap like this.

  2. This is sooo my kind of craft project.