Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10-15-13: Turn back; whoa-hoa!

I did a few posts about guilty pleasure songs, and I asserted: pleasures really shouldn't make a person feel guilty. If you like something, why be ashamed?

I've let my musical freak flag fly (on multiple occasions), unashamedly; I've been copping to loving bad music for a long time now. But then I remembered another song that I loved. An entire album of songs that I know all the words to--in fact I could probably act them out because I'd seen them acted out on screen so many times already in the form of a finely crafted early 80s movie musical. Okay fine I may have actually acted them out at one point.
But I know I wasn't the only one ... there were lots of other girls my age who loved Grease 2.

There. I said it.

And the song that came to mind? Those same girls will be singing it already just from reading the title of my post--the Michelle Pfeiffer/Maxwell Caulfield classic. Who could forget it?

For the unaware, Grease 2 is the story of the younger cousins of the original Danny and Sandy--only this time it's the girl who's the greaser and the boy who's the wholesome Australian kid coming to visit and ultimately upsetting the ph balance of the fragile high school ecosystem.

It's got Pink Ladies and Thunderbirds and the girl with the questionable morals in love with the head Thunderbird (spoiler alert: this time? She gets the boy. Also? She's Mariska Hargitay's half-sister. And he's the original Danny from the Broadway production of Grease).

There are lots of unnecessary songs that you can't un-sing once you hear them and start singing along... like this one:

But this one? This is the best one ever. EVER.

Seriously. I need to karaoke this song.
I must. It's totally on. In fact I might be singing it right now this moment.

Shut up.

So that's it. The guiltiest guilty pleasure that ever was. I owned it!

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