Friday, October 25, 2013

10-25-13: Yay! Friday! Let's answer some questions!

So, it's almost the end of the month. Another ROCKtober is drawing to a close.

It's Friday so let us answer some music-related questions, shall we?

A song you listen to when you're sad?
Well, way back in the day, a way long time ago, I had a boyfriend.
He broke up with me.
I had the sad.
And this was the song that I put on repeat:

Favorite album of all time?
Well, this one is just all too easy. Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon


A song to play at my funeral?
Maybe this one? Because y'all, I want a party. I've lived a pretty damn good life so far, and I can only hope that the rest is going to be pretty okay as well.

Last album I purchased?
It was digital, so I don't know that it really counts as an album, but here you go: Sleigh Bells, Bitter Rivals.

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