Monday, October 28, 2013

10-28-13: Burlesque

Burlesque, as defined in my Merriam-Webster, is "theatrical entertainment of a broadly humorous often earthy character consisting of short turns, comic skits, and sometimes striptease acts."

Have I captured your attention?

We had a date night on Saturday and attended Adéle Wolf's Burlesque and Variety Show, and it was an amazingly fun time. Scoff if you must. Shake your head in disappointment at me if you feel so inclined. But seriously. You need to attend one of these shows.

Burlesque is an amazing art form, and an Adéle Wolf show promises (and delivers) fun. There is audience participation, music, comedy, singing, dancing--all in good fun. Burlesque is about the art of the tease, and there is much of that as well--both in the form of verbal sparring and jokes and suggestive dancing (this is definitely an adult performance), but it's just that; teasing. It never reveals all, always leaves something to the imagination.

One reason I love burlesque because I always laugh. There is an environment of acceptance. Inside jokes abound, but we are all in on the jokes. It's smart entertainment, but not in that smarmy way where you feel like you've missed something; it's just an "everyone is welcome" kind of fun. And I love that.

Another reason I love these shows is because they are an affirmation of beauty. There were dancers of a variety of colors, shapes, sizes. Some tall, some short. Some with bangin' curves, some with sharply cut six packs. But every single one of them--the four burlesque performers (Tana the Tattooed Lady,
Jeez Loueez, St.Louis, Mariel a la Mode and Adèle Wolf), the two belly dancers (Lamees Amar and
Ayperi Al Jawahir) and the girl with the acoustic guitar and the amazing voice (Sonya Barrett)--they were all comfortable in their skin. They owned their place in this world and stood strong and proud in front of the audience with knowing grins.

They know they're beautiful. They know that we're all beautiful.

"Yes, fine, whatever, Mari," you may find yourself asking. "What does this have to do with music? After all--that is the theme here!"

Yes! How right you are. So astute.

Before, the show, we watched Beetlejuice with the kids, and everyone's favorite sequences are the parts where the characters dance quite uncontrollably to the island stylings of Harry Belafonte's "Day-O (Banana Boat)" and "Jump in the Line." So, when Tana the Tattooed Lady came out on stage and did her Beetlejuice-themed performance to those songs (this being the Halloween show and all), well, we were thrilled.

Oh, and since I'm awesome, I bought this patch at the show:

And since I'm old? I bought a fridge magnet:

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  1. I absolutely love burlesque! I haven't seen this troupe yet, but you've convinced me. I'll have to keep an eye out for tickets to their next show.