Thursday, October 31, 2013

10-31: Hail, Hail Rock & Roll

And another ROCKtober draws to a close, friends. Thanks for playing along, I hope you enjoyed yourselves. To close out the month, I present you with an iTunes meme, but not so much a random generator as a meme that takes the status of my music library. So really, it's more for me and for those of you who enjoy random trivia. And I kind of don't get people who don't get random trivia, and I just assume that anyone reading me is reading me for the random information. So this should make you happy.

What does this picture have to do with ROCKtober? Not much. It's kind of like performance art, commentary on the fact that as I went shopping to buy Halloween candy to hand out, the shelves were almost bare, since they were making room for the Christmas stuff. I kid you not. So, here is Zed the gimpy reindeer from last year. We tried to make him a friend last year (Mose), but alas; Mose cannot be found anywhere. And Zed says he doesn't have any idea where Mose could be.


Well, this year, I'm thinking Zed might need a girlfriend because obviously he saw Mose as competition. Stay tuned.

So on with the meme! Just for fun, I'm also going to leave the answers from the last time I did this game (Oct 1, 2012). Or at least the last time I labeled it. This year's answers are in blue, last year's are red. Let's do it:

Number of songs in music library:
Then: 5,161 / Now: 4,483  A year ago, I might have said that I deleted some songs. But now I'll say that I've thoughtfully curated my collection. Semantics!
Total amount of time it would take to listen to your iTunes:
Then: 14 days / Now: 12.2 days  Look how much time I've saved!
Top 10 Most Played Songs (No Repeat Artists):

  1. To Have & To Have Not / Little Rude Girl (Lars Fredericksen & The Bastards) tie for first place! / To Have & To Have Not stays in first place
  2. Tall Cans in the Air (Transplants) / Tall Cans in the Air! Let me hear it!
  3. New Wave (Against Me!) / Disconnected (Rancid)
  4. Disconnected (Rancid) / New Wave (Against Me!)
  5. Bleed it Out (Linkin Park) / Flag Pole Sitta (Harvey Danger)
  6. Narayan (The Prodigy) / Lump (The Presidents of the USA)
  7. Antmusic (Adam Ant) / Narayan (The Prodigy)
  8. In Between Days (The Cure) / Kerosene (Miranda Lambert)
  9. How You Like Me Now (The Heavy) / Sheena is a Punk Rocker (The Ramones)
  10. Bad Reputation (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts) / Gimme the Sweet & Lowdown (Social Distortion)
Since I took out the repeat artists, that took out a lot of other songs by repeat artists. So this is more like my top 20. Most of these are mostly my cardio songs, my wave your hands in the air and move it like you just don't care songs, and this list making me realize that I really need to look into some new music. All of this still applies

First Five Songs That Come Up On Shuffle:
  1. Melody Emergency (Gossip) / Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)
  2. No Brakes (The Offspring) / Walk Away (Green Day)
  3. Kiss an Angel Good Morning (Charley Pride) / Sexy & I Know It (LMFAO)
  4. Heat of the Moment (Asia) / Ashes in the Fall (Rage Against the Machine)
  5. These Eyes (The Guess Who) / Seattle (Public Image LTD)
Search (how many songs come up):
  • “sex”:
    then: 37
    / now: 32    
  • “love”:
    then: 205
    / now: 292    
  • “you”:
    then: 618 / now: 552    
  • “death”:
    then: 21
    / now: 15    
  • “hate”:
    then: 20
    / now: 20    
  • “wish”:
    then: 22
    / now: 22   
  • “dream”:
    then: 37 / now: 33       
Thanks for playing, y'all. See you next ROCKtober!

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