Monday, November 11, 2013

Tis the season to get crafty

Disclosure: I was asked to write this post in exchange for product credit. All information and opinions provided in this post were inspired by but not promised in exchange for goods or services. My opinion will never be sold. 

When asked what my decorating style was, I considered the question thoughtfully. What would best describe my eclectic style? I like my home to be, well, homey. A little bit lived in, warm and inviting.

I would describe my style as “Early American Rummage Sale.” Is that a thing?

Wreath made from spent wine corks.
Chair cover made from canvas tablecloth.
Pillow cover made from coordinating place mat.
When we first married and discussed how to decorate our home, the only request my husband made is that he wanted a place he could be comfortable in; someplace that really felt like home. I had that covered—cozy, relaxed comfort is kind of my thing. The best compliment a person could give me is to tell me that they feel comfortable in my home, and mean it. Because that’s the vibe I’m going for. There are watermarks on my coffee table, chips in the paint on the old metal cabinet, but that’s a choice. I’ve built my home over the course of my life. My furniture has been chosen with care over the years, pieces we’ve bought when we were stationed overseas mixed in with new pieces mixed in with family pieces mixed in with—of course—rummage sale finds. I prefer items that reveal more character as they become worn. That’s how we’ve built our life. One piece at a time, a little bit here and a little bit there.

Repurposed canning jars make perfect soap
dispensers in a modern eclectic kitchen.
I like to make things the same way, kind of making something from nothing. Over the years, I’ve done crafty crafts like wreaths and cross-stitch pictures and paintings; candleholders from jars and trimmings; repurposing things for new uses (I currently have tablecloths used as curtains and chair covers, a placemat as a pillowcase. I have been known to get a bit overcomplicated; I was an obsessive scrapbooker for a time, but had to give it up when I found myself spending way too much time on a two-page layout—scouring stores for offbeat items to include on my pages, and staging outings because they would look good on paper. Yikes. I've since learned to channel that energy for good.

And when the weather gets chilly, it activates some gene deep in my DNA, the one responsible for baking and crafting and feathering my nest into a cozy home. I even want to break away from my natural tendency toward hermit-ness and have an urge to entertain, I want family and friends to come over and get comfortable and partake of the hospitality.
Just a small sample of my
crystal candlestick collection,
providing the elegant touch
in my rustic room.

The Julep blog at (get it? MINTed and JULEP? Don’t even get me started on that one, I do adore some bourbon) has all sorts of great things that I find inspiring. I might even rename my style from “Rummage Sale” to “Modern Eclectic Mix” after the Julep page of the same name with the gorgeous ideas on it, a great room that takes that eclectic mix that I love but adds in a monochromatic scheme and some touches of luxury (such as a crystal chandelier) to really set off the more worn-in items. Monochromatic might be difficult for me; I prefer to have pops of monochromatic among my colorful rooms, but I still am drawn to this style. Along with my rustically-finished living room furniture, I’ve got a collection of lead crystal candlesticks, so maybe I’m on the way already?

My husband thinks I jumped the craft
shark with these beer-carton-turned-coasters.
I think they're brilliant!
The easy and elegant craft ideas on Julep are perfect for the holidays. Jazz up your Thanksgiving table with an easy acorn centerpiece, using papier mache eggs that are painted and decorated for the season. Maybe you have some leftover eggs from last Easter just begging to be repurposed? And for Christmas, I love the accordion paper trees. There’s a downloadable template that’s easy to use to whip up your own. I made some yarn wrapped trees last year for my mantel, these paper trees would be a great addition to that collection. And the acorns and trees together would make a great fall-into-winter table decoration.

If you’re looking for more than just holiday ideas, you can also find your holiday greetings on Minted—a site that features artist-designed cards selected through ongoing design competitions. You are guaranteed to find a unique and gorgeous card to send greetings to your loved ones. The most difficult part will be narrowing your choices down to one.

Get creative this holiday season! Be sure to let me know if you find inspiration on Julep or Minted. And, as always, please remember to use your power for good!

Disclosure: I was asked to write this post in exchange for product credit. All information and opinions provided in this post were inspired by but not promised in exchange for goods or services. My opinion will never be sold.

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  1. I love this! I like to think that I'm achieving the "Modern Eclectic Mix", but I'm not quite there yet. Right now, it's more like "still lives like she's in college with that janky used couch and beer bottles on top of the cabinets mix." But I'm getting there.