Friday, February 28, 2014

Running Protips

Went for a run today, while it was still chilly out. I won't be able to go later today when it's forecasted to be near 70, so I hit the streets even though I'm more of a fair-weather runner. I don't run in the rain. Or when it's too cold. Or too hot. Or too windy.

You get the picture.

But, today the thought of the treadmill just made me shudder. So I bundled up and hit the streets and now I present you with some running protips from a fair-weather runner.
  1. Don't dress too warmly. You know you're gonna get hot and sweaty and that's an excuse to shorten your run. I wore long sleeves & long pants but not fleece or anything too warm and by the end of the run, I was happy for that.
  2. If you're a fair-weather runner, pick a route that can be easily adapted. If you feel you need to cut it short or if you get an urge to push yourself, a flexible route makes it easy to do. Of course, you should always try to choose the latter (push yourself a little) but for me it's psychological. If I know that I can stop if I need to, I'm more inclined to push a little harder.
  3. Have a good, motivating playlist. My own explicit lyric playlist:
    Friday Running Playlist by Mari Farthing on Grooveshark
  4. Wear something on your ears to keep your ears warm and your earbuds in place. It's windy out there, yo.
  5. When you run on the grass on the side of the road, don't trip and fall on that weird plastic mesh that holds down the sod. And if you do fall, be able to laugh at yourself. Because you can rest assured that the whole world (or at least the people on that street) is laughing at you, and that shit is just funny. And then say a little prayer of thanks that you're not that girl who fell when she was running in the snow on the news and say another little prayer that she has a good sense of humor as well.

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  1. Great list of running tips!! Especially the laughing at yourself bit. LOL