Monday, March 17, 2014

I am Not A Food Blogger III

Kale and White Bean soup.
Next stop? Freezer.
It was a dark and stormy afternoon. And I just wanted a bowl of soup.
A bowl of this soup, which I had prepared previously on a completely different dark and stormy day, and then frozen in individual portions for later use.

And here is where my story begins.

I love that kale and white bean soup, I've blogged about it before, I make it often and never the same way twice because it's such an amazing vessel for various leftovers, like sausage or broccoli or rice or noodles. Problem is, nobody else in my home likes it (my family, much to my chagrin, is anti-greens in the soup), so I always have a lot to freeze. I've tried freezing in many ways, to various degrees of success.

Previously, I've used freezer bags, but as I'm more of a last-minute nosher, I found it to be vexing when I try to remove the frozen soup from the squashed bags without ripping said bags. No bueno. Next, I used disposable plastic cups, which hold about 2 cups of soupy goodness. Capped off with some of that wrap that sticks to everything and that worked okay. But both of these methods took up a lot of valuable freezer real estate.

The last time I made soup, I had a passel of small jars but I'm not quite sure that I'm comfortable with freezing glass jars. I use them in the fridge for leftovers, but freezing glass? Just not sure about that one. So I went back to the zipper freezer bags, but with a small change. So I portioned out my soup and loaded the quart size freezer bags in a larger bag and squooshed out the air and put them in the freezer until I was craving some soup.

So, we're caught up now, yes?

A lovely bowl of soup.

Here's where the plot (soup?) thickens: because when I went to retrieve my yummy soup from the freezer, all those carefully packaged freezer bags had leaked. So I was left with a frozen block of soup and plastic.


That was my refrain as my frozen fingers frantically freed the soup from the plastic and flung it forcibly into a waiting saucepan. So much for my careful portions, for my freezer-savvy ingenuity. Those freezer bags resulted in an epic fail.

And come to think of it, the last several times I've used freezer bags, the simple act of "unzipping" them has resulted in the seams bursting. Yeah. Freezer bags, I'm so over you.

But that leads me to a question: if you cook ahead and freeze portions, what method do you use? I refuse to continue to feed the zipper bag machine, and I'm determined to find a superior replacement. I'm thinking that might not be too difficult.

P.S.: all was not lost. I did write this post while enjoying a big (bigger than planned) bowl of soup.


  1. hmmmm... Sorry to say I cannot help you solve the freezer bag problem. We don't do leftovers too often here. But I do kindly thank you for a delicious sounding recipe!! LOL I am obsessed with kale and all kinds of beans, so this is going on my weekly menu soon.

    1. It's awesome! I hope you enjoy it. I've found joy in making soups of all kinds--and this one just requires some stock, kale & white beans. The rest is up to your imagination (and available leftovers)