Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Sunshine

Oh, it's so easy to hate on Mondays. So easy. I'm going to try something different. I am thinking of things that make me happy today.

It's human nature to focus on the negative, hard work to focus on the positive. But before I get too far into my own personal downward spiral, I have these things to make me happy:
  1. NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. Wherein I get to listen to it in my car and pretend that I'm at the cool kids' table, discussing all the best (and worst) of pop culture. And it ends on a happy note, too, literally: the podcast presenters talk about what's making them happy. I may or may not pretend like I'm mic'ed up and in the studio with them. If you like pop culture like I like pop culture, check this out--it's free on iTunes & they also have a website that you should totally visit.
  2. I went to yoga last week, a class that I've been trying to schedule for many, many months at my friend Denise's yoga studio. It took me a long time not (just) because I sometimes procrastinate, but because it's a good 30 minutes from me and I wanted to take a class taught by Denise but my schedule didn't allow it. When it finally did, it was so worth the wait! I found some new poses that I love, gave and received hugs. What a perfect way to spend the morning! If you are looking for a great yoga class in the OKC area, check out You Power Yoga.
  3. At said yoga class, I checked in on Facebook and was gifted a bracelet. The instructions said that you wear the bracelet and when you think a negative thought, switch wrists. An elegantly simple way to direct your concentration to your thoughts, I caught my negative thoughts and speech just by wearing this reminder. And I totally love accessories.
  4. That bracelet I picked out? From the bin of dozens of different stones, I picked the one that I liked best, then went home and googled the stone to try to figure out what it was (dalmatian jasper) and what qualities it has ("... they are extremely protective stones, protecting against depression and negative thinking ...  encourage a determination to succeed and to see ideas through into action.") and I think that will work for me just fine, thankyouverymuch.
  5. Really, really good dark chocolate. I keep it in my purse but I might deny it if confronted. I do not share this chocolate. It's my "in case of emergency, break glass" stash that is saved for important moments like when I'm feeling good/bad/sad/glad or when I want some. I did share it with my daughter when we were waiting in the super long line at the commissary on the day I forgot was the day after payday and the day before a snowstorm was forecasted. She swore an oath to never tell as I told her the importance of a really good chocolate stash.
  6. House of Cards. Specifically, Robin Wright on House of Cards. Yes, Kevin Spacey, too, but Robin Wright. I won't offer any spoilers with my effusive gush on her portrayal of Claire and the anti-hero qualities that make my adoration of her a bit troublesome, but I adore her. She's got an amazing balance of femininity and masculinity; her wardrobe is relatively unadorned and borders on masculine. Her hair is sharply trimmed. She is the physical embodiment of "unfussy" but manages to exude such femininity in her strength and stature. I study her in an effort to decode this ability. She's the polar opposite of my other favorite character of hers (Princess Buttercup, of course), and I'm smitten.
  7. Listen to Your Mother. I've totally waxed poetic about my love and adoration for LTYM, my experiences in the 2013 OKC cast, fears and nerves leading up to it, fears and nerves during it and after it, but this weekend I got a chance to relive it a little bit. The 2013 OKC cast was invited to come and meet the 2014 cast, and what a treat that was. So many hugs and smiles and so much love.
    These people are a part of my life forever, and even those who weren't able to make it were there in spirit and conversation as we reminisced about our time together. What an amazing gift this experience was for me. And after meeting several of the 2014 cast members, I know that 2014 is going to be another amazing year.
    Tickets for the 2014 show will be on sale soon, and I urge you to go. Find all the info here, including details on the cause supported by the show, ReMerge OK, a program designed to help pregnant women and mothers facing incarceration in Oklahoma. It's a powerful cause that touches us all.


  1. I love the bracelet idea of switching wrists when negative thoughts introduce themselves. Thanks! Plus, how cool is it that your yoga studio gives stuff like that away? I bet you'll go back!

    1. Absolutely! It doesn't hurt that the owner is one of my favorite people in the world, either. :) You need to check it out when you're in the area, you would love it. And of course, the free bracelet is a karmic bonus!

    2. So sad that I missed you at Yoga with Denise. We definitely need to arrange a time for us to Yoga then sushi- how awesome does that sound! Thanks for sharing the sunshine.

    3. Lisa, that sounds like an awesome day!