Tuesday, March 04, 2014

When life gives you snow days, make pancakes

I remember it like it was yesterday. Mostly because it was yesterday.
Around 4 in the afternoon, I think it was. Dr. Oz was telling me (and a million other viewers) about how to break out of an eating rut or something like that. I may have been folding sheets.

My son was watching TV for an entirely different reason, his eyes glued to the crawl on the bottom of the screen. Mid-Del schools were out. A few minutes later, Norman was called.

Tick-tock ... tick-tock ... wait for it ...

When the crawl announced Moore Public Schools were out for the day, there was an epic, eardrum-shattering chorus of squeal (from him) and groan (from me). Another snow day? You must be kidding me. One more day of this and I'm going to make daytime drinking a thing again.

I've literally lost track of how many snow days my kids have enjoyed this year, but I estimate it to be higher than the number of snow days I enjoyed in my entire school career--and I'm not from Oklahoma, I'm from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin.

I get the need, I get that the state is ill-prepared to deal with this much snow and or ice every year (yeah, did you catch that "every year" reference? Because it's starting to become an every year occurrence.), and as Oklahoma has a tendency to get icy rather than just snowy, I get that it's safer to stay home than risk the roads.

The driveway that never melts, taken from the floor of my north-facing garage.
Over 2" of solid ice that had to be chipped away from the door.
Protip: north facing garages are for suckers.

While escaping to the Interwebz to lament the accumulation of snow days, I happened upon a recipe for mini muffin pancakes. Quickly scanned the ingredients... Hey! I can totally make those for breakfast. That Pioneer Woman totally hooked me up.

This morning, after the hubs left for work, I opened the blinds and enjoyed watching the rising sun glint of the ice-coated back yard. Enjoyed the silence, accompanied by the crazy turtles jockeying for food in their tank. Were they wondering why they weren't brumating? The kids slept late and I put away my entire pot of coffee in just a few hours of quiet turtle-accompanied solitude.

When the kids rolled their sleepy way out of bed, I whipped up the pancake mini muffins and served them as directed with a little cup of warm syrup. Even halved, the recipe made more muffins than my kids could eat, so we've got some put in the freezer for later.

Pancake mini muffins, all in a row!
I did not take pictures of them when the kids were eating
since we were so busy eating.
And bonus--after breakfast, I saw on TV that today is national pancake day. So my kids totally think I planned it. Well, that's about one hour down. On with the rest of our ice-encrusted day.


  1. Depending on whether or not I have to work on snow days, I get this twisted feeling of guilt. Either that I'm not playing with my kids or that I'm dreading figuring out how to fill the day with cool things (like mini pancake muffins) to avoid meltdowns. Making drinking during the day a thing again might happen in households all across Oklahoma soon if the weather doesn't let up. My guess is that Drunk Moms on Snow Days will have nothing on Mad Men.

    1. I'm there with you, Brandi. My mom guilt knows no limits! I am famous for making grand plans that devolve into too much TV lots of LEGO messes and far too little coffee.

  2. Oh my dear lord these look like so much fun. Must make. Look at you serving pancakes on pancake day! You go.

    1. Right? This was a total win. Couldn't let it pass me by without an online shout out! lol

  3. I'd say your kids hit the Daily Double that morning--no school AND warm pancakes for breakfast!

    1. I need to remember to let THEM learn to make the pancakes (and the coffee) so I can get to sleep in and get the warm pancakes (and coffee)! :)