Thursday, April 17, 2014

From art to Squeezy ducks: this is my week

It's nearing the end of the school year and the kids' tasks are piling up which means my tasks are piling up plus I've got a lot of stuff coming up so ... sigh. Mommy is tired. And that makes it hard to focus on what makes me happy, so better start writing it down and remembering.

So, as my pretend friends on the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast say, here's what's making me happy this week:

  • The OKC Museum of Art. Took the kids to the free family day this past weekend & saw exhibits I love (such as the amazing collection of Chihuly glass on hand) and some limited exhibits (like the Lisa Hoke installation and a collection of Ansel Adams photographs) and the kids made some stuff, too. I love the museum and when I'm feeling untethered, that glass exhibit always helps to ground me.

Goofy poses in front of the Lisa Hoke exhibit.

 Chihuly glass in the permanent exhibit.

Close up of Chihuly glass in the permanent exhibit.

  • Storms that prove not all storms are deadly. In Oklahoma this is a pretty big deal. The first big storm of the season rolled through on Sunday, it was, in the finest sense of the word, a dud. We did get a little rain, a little hail ... and that's it. Collective sigh.

Big clouds rolled into the city as we were leaving the museum.

 Just a little bit of small hail and a whole lot of rain. Whew.

  • Music. I picked up a new (to me) Rancid CD this weekend, Let the Dominoes Fall, that included the standard version CD plus an acoustic version CD. That right there was enough to justify the $15 price tag. The acoustic versions of the songs are simply brilliant.
Instrumentation that is completely unexpected--this NorCal punk release features an almost country tinge on many of the titles, blurring the lines and showing the connections between punk and folk in the best and most unexpected way possible.

This CD came out when my husband was deployed, and it's filled with a slew of songs that are inspired by the military. Made it mean even more. I listed to this release so many times, the songs take me back to everything we went through during the time.

It's a two-disc that also includes a making-of DVD and three big posters. My only regret is that my husband might balk if I try to hang up said posters. But they're still way cool.  

  • Painting! Spent a few bucks and a few hours and picked up some pretty paint for the front door and the bench that sits on the porch. My only regret is that I don't have more things to paint. I used the green paint on a little mini chest I picked up at Ikea a way long time ago, decoupaging some coordinating paper to the front of the drawers. Then, when I couldn't find matching drawer pulls that I liked, I mixed & matched and am terribly excited. I was inspired to buy a wooden tray that I painted with the blue and will soon decoupage as well. I am a crafty girl in many ways, it would seem.

  • Influenster. I recently joined the site, which lets me sign up for products to review based on my interests. I just got my first VOXBOX in the mail, and it's cheese, courtesy of Sargento. CHEESE. And not just cheese, but Wisconsin cheese. How perfect for the Wisconsin girl. I was sent coupons (love coupons) and also a sweet insulated lunch bag. Which I think would be a sweet purse, too! Super cute and super durable!
 How awesome are freebies?

A lunch bag that totally works as a purse! 

  • And finally, this little green duck with the four-leaf clover and the squeezy bug eyes. I picked him up at the mall when I took my son for some new kicks (Converse. Green like the duck with neon yellow laces). How could you not love him?

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