Thursday, July 03, 2014

Mix Tape Shuffle: Party Playlist

So, this one time? Me and Marisa were talking about blogging and one of us is like "we should totally blog together!" and the other one was like "OH-EM-GEE yes we totally should!"

This has been like an ongoing thing for us. We'll meet up socially (which is kind of a big deal for introverts who initially admired one another from afar via the interwebs) and inevitably the talk turns to blogging together.

But then we finally did something about it. When we were talking music and mix tapes and Marisa was all "we need to do a mix tape blog hop" or something like that. And so now we are!

Here's the deal: every month, we'll each do a mix tape post on our own twee bloggies, and we'll link to one another, down on the bottom. Then we'll invite you, yes both of you, the people reading this blog, to post your own mix tape in however you feel works for your particular style, following along with our general theme. Because you know when you read our posts and listen to our songs, you're gonna be all "damn I so would not have included that" or "I can't believe she didn't include this song!" So you can build your own.

So here goes: my Summer 2014 Party Playlist. Making a playlist for a party can be tricky. It's a delicate balance about the songs you want to hear, the songs that everyone else will like and songs that won't offend. I might like a straight-up, punk-heavy playlist but that's not the kind of playlist I make for a party. You have to find that delicate balance, that sweet spot between Rage Against the Machine and Barry Manilow.

My mix tape is actually designed to fit a CD. Songs are chosen for summertime party affinity and the songs usually choose themselves after the first song is selected.

  1. What's the Attitude (Cut Chemist)
    This is the song that inspired the list. It's been stuck in my head and I've been dancing around the kitchen habitually to it. Lots of cowbell.
  2. Hook (Blues Traveler)
    Did you see Emma Stone battle with this song? That hook brought me back to how much I like this song. Good and nostalgic.
  3. Kiss Off (Violent Femmes)
    As a genXer, the Femmes provided the soundtrack for many a formative summer.
  4. In the Summertime (Mungo Jerry)
    Offensive lyrics and a jug. It's goofy and will make people smile.
  5. Fell in Love with a Girl (The White Stripes)
    A little something that's almost edgy but not. Mom might not like it but it's a short song so it's a good choice for harder song. Plus, Joss Stone covered it so it's practically elevator music now.
  6. Closer to Free (BoDeans)
    Do you remember this song!? It's pretty fun even if it sounds a bit too much like the Friends theme song. It's fun.
  7. Think I'm in Love (Beck)
    It's Beck. Enough said.
  8. All You Ever Do is Bring Me Down (The Mavericks)
    Zydeco, people! If that doesn't scream summer, I just don't know what does.
  9. The Ocean (Led Zeppelin)
    Because you run a risk with Zeppelin songs and don't want to be predictable.
  10. She's Crafty (Beastie Boys)
    Because when I hear The Ocean, it reminds me of this.
  11. Ball & Chain (Social Distortion)
    Bluesy and breezy, this is a crowd pleaser
  12. Santa Monica (Everclear)
    I save this one for later in the mix, because I will stand on a chair and sing this at high volume. This song makes me feel like I have sand in between my toes in the best way possible.
  13. Ready Steady Go (Generation X)
    Non-offensive gateway to punk song that gets me all nostalgic.
  14. Pictures of You (The Cure)
    Because if you're going to get nostalgic and maudlin, Robert Smith is the master. Hold up your lighters and sway with me, people.
  15. My, Myself and I (De La Soul)
    Put the lighter away, grab your beer and shake your ass.
  16. It Takes Two (DJ EZ Rock & Rob Base)
    ... now shake it more...
  17. Get Up Offa That Thing (James Brown)
    Respect for the master.

Now, here's the fun part for you! The party playlist mixtape shuffle will be open through the end of the month! Share your own summer party mix below using the link up! Come on, guys; let's make this a thing, mmmkay? And be sure to pop over to Marisa's playlist to check out her songs, too.

Promote it as you will and be sure to include a hashtag—we are so totally legit now—#MixTapeShuffleJuly. We've got another theme cooking for August. And be sure to grab the button for your post!

Mari, Quite Contrary


  1. Umm, do I really have to type that comment over? I can't remember what I said. I love this idea though. I look forward to the August theme.

    1. Thanks for posting your mix tape link, Jennifer!
      I think this could be the start of a beautiful blog meme. ;)

  2. The Hook would make my list for sure. I want to do this. Really, I do. I'll try to carve out some time...