Tuesday, July 01, 2014


D'ya ever find yourself falling into the pit of "woe is me," where you just can't find the silver lining, no matter how hard you squint, and everything makes you either shake or smack your head—sometimes both?

Damn I'm tired of days like that. So today I'm going to try something new.

Tomorrow, it's my birthday, and it's got to be a good year. Four is my favorite number, always has been, and this is my 44th year—double 4s, yo!—so I'm cautiously optimistic that my "woe is me" days will be fewer and farther between and my "wow it's me" days are going to be increasing. Yeah, "wow is me," I just coined that shit.

So this year, instead of wallowing, I'm celebrating what's awesome. Here's my list of things that make me happy. Fair warning, the list is long; I selected one for each year.
  1. I have all the things I need and several things I want.
  2. Pretty much all of my problems are of the first world variety: if I'm complaining about something (housework, deadlines, kids), it's because I'm responsible for it (owning a home, having a job, kids) and it's a blessing. 
  3. I have love. I've been married for 22 years to a man who loves me without question. Sometimes with literal questions from him to me (like for example, "WTF?") but I never question his love for me. I hope I give him the same.
  4. He makes me coffee in the morning. 
  5. He's retired from the military which means he doesn't have to deploy any more. 
  6. We didn't have kids until we'd been married for a decade, which was perfect for us.
  7. Every year that goes by, we learn something new about each other. 
  8. We still make each other laugh. A lot. 
  9. I have a good sense of humor. But even better than that, my kids have great senses of humor. 
  10. Speaking of my kids, while they often make mistakes, they understand that these are what knowledge comes from.
  11. Also, my kids prioritize kindness over competition. Mostly.
  12. I have a small group of friends to laugh with and lean on.
  13. I've taught myself to knit and crochet effectively.
  14. I can run three miles. In a row. With nobody chasing me.
  15. I'm good at what I do even if I'm essentially currently unemployed.
  16. I'm a damn fine cook. I can whip up a tasty dinner out of pantry items—and an even better dinner when I shop for the ingredients.
  17. My husband? He's a damn fine cook, too. 
  18. My kids are adventurous eaters. They like to try new foods.
  19. Adventurous eaters or no, we all still appreciate a nice sandwich or bowl of cereal.
  20. I am smart—book smart and street smart. I love to learn.
  21. I am strong—mentally, physically and emotionally.
  22. I understand the importance of choosing to be happy, every day, without interruption.
  23. I can defend my ideals without burning bridges or creating enemies.
  24. Some things still make me blush. But to be clear, they are few and far between.
  25. I have managed to not kill all of my houseplants. Or my turtles.
  26. I'm not afraid to try new things but still don't want to go skydiving. Or bungee jumping. 
  27. I'm mature enough to know when to say I'm sorry. 
  28. I get to do what I want to do; I get to write when the mood strikes and makes it impossible to ignore.
  29. I am a creative problem solver.
  30. I've learned to roll with the punches. This has not been easy for me.
  31. I've faced my mistakes, accepted them for what they were, and learned from them.
  32. Every friend I've known has left a mark on my heart—some hurt and some soothe and I wouldn't give them up for anything.
  33. I've traveled and gained amazing memories and experiences.
  34. I can quote extensively from random television, movies and music. Yes, this is a skill that matters.
  35. I can french braid hair (my own or someone else's).
  36. I understand the power of the playlist. I'm good with music and I learn who you are from your musical tastes.
  37. I understand that time spent what you want to be doing versus what someone else wants you to be doing is time well spent. This could mean taking a nap or finding world peace.
  38. Simple things make me happy—hot showers, fuzzy socks, fresh bread.
  39. I have exactly one thing on my bucket list: I want to see a platypus live and in person.
  40. My favorite material good is my car, which has a 9-speaker Bose sound system and a sunroof. It's where I listen to music (or NPR podcasts) at very high volume.
  41. I'm old enough to not feel deprived if I don't go out on a Friday or Saturday night but young enough to enjoy when I do.
  42. I'm thankful for the internet—I honestly can't remember what life was like before I could find answers to questions immediately.
  43. I'm thankful for time spent unplugged, and thankful that I'm not required to be "connected" every second of the day. Vacations are awesome.
  44. I'm thankful for my freedoms.
What are you going to be thankful for today?

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  1. I am going to be thankful that I have a wonderful and amazing sister who was born on this day a few years ago. She, more than any one else in the world GETS. ME. That in itself is an amazing feeling. Warm, comfie and scary at times too! Thank you for putting out what you are thankful for. It is definitely making me ponder. Love you sis