Thursday, September 04, 2014

Mixtape Shuffle: TCB

Welcome to the third installment of the Mix Tape Shuffle! Let me explain how we play—oh, there is no time; let me sum up: the lovely and talented Marisa Mohi and I had been talking music and blogging and one day we decided! Hey! Why not do a blog about music? And all the other things? And we can link up? So we did.

This month it's all about the music that helps you get things done. The songs that motivate, inspire, and push you to take care of business.

If you wake up every morning to your alarm clock's warning to take the 8:15 to the city, you might have a Taking Care of Business playlist yourself. When I get paid, I get paid for writing and editing, so when I have B to TC of, I prefer music without words. My go-to editing music is Miles Davis' Kind of Blue. I can fall into editing a bit hard and get so involved in the work that *poof!* it's five hours later and my butt's asleep and I forgot to do all the other things, like eating and picking my kids up from school. So a one-hour pocket of instrumental music ensures that I focus when I need to focus and then get up and move around.

I've also been developing an interest in classical music, like Vivaldi, Mozart and Chopin. I'm particularly partial to the cello, that moody, expressive beast of a string instrument. I listened to some Vivaldi while preparing my presentation for the AWBU blogging conference I'll be speaking at this weekend. I'm talking about writing and the importance of writing well (which also includes receiving criticism and learning from it). You should totally go. And if you can't make it to Arkansas, check out the Confluence Conference happening in OKC, where the aforementioned Marisa will be speaking. If you've ever felt compelled to heckle either of us in real life, this is totally your moment.

But back to B: the music that makes things happen. The songs that get shit done. What is the playlist that happens when there is this big thing over here that needs to be finished, ASAP? Because generally if you're going to have TCB, you also need to have ASAP. Elvis taught us this.

In my world, music that makes things happen usually happens for two reason: I have to clean something or I am running. Both require songs that force me to get up and get moving with a good BPM. I'm going to share 10 songs that are always, always in heavy rotation at my house and on my running playlist and the songs I turn to when the kids are not in the car and I roll down the windows and turn up the volume and cause passers by to do a double take when they see the old lady rocking out in the car next to them.

Mari's TCB Songs:
  1. Kings of the Wild Frontier (Adam Ant)
  2. New Wave (Against Me!)
  3. Burn it Down (AWOLNATION)
  4. City of Angels (The Distillers)
  5. Bezerk (Eminem)
  6. Flag Pole Sitta (Harvey Danger)
  7. I Predict a Riot (Kaiser Chiefs)
  8. Bleed it Out (Linkin Park)
  9. Tall Cans in the Air (Transplants)
  10. Army of Zombies (Lars Fredericksen & the Bastards)
These are the hall of famers, the songs that always stay on my "songs to get all the things done to" playlists and they are all filled with loud drums, aggressive guitars and swearwords.


  1. Yesssssssssss! I love all of these.

  2. Man, if I knew music could get so much done around the house I would have started leaving it on when I went to work YEARS ago!!