Thursday, October 16, 2014

It Takes a Village

I went for a run this morning. It was gorgeous out, the perfect amount of sunny and slightly cool and windy. A few things:
  1. Close to where I previously found the pile of old cassette tapes, I found what appeared to be an old Members Only jacket in the ditch. My neighborhood is apparently where the 80s came to die.
  2. I saw a scissortail flycatcher in the field next to the road I was running on. It hopped from fence post to fence post to stay just out of range, but must have gotten tired because when I came upon it about the fifth time, I got close enough to see how pretty it was before it flew off into the field away from the road.
  3. Some drivers can be really douchey. I mean, it's a backroad, not the freeway. You may come upon slow-moving farm equipment, people riding bikes, people on foot. It's not a game of chicken, dumbass.
  4. The Google maps car drove by me, so I might be featured in an upcoming version of Google maps. *fingers crossed*! My big break. lol

In other news, this school year, my kid has taken up the trumpet. It began like this:

Him:  Hey mom, can I do percussion in band?
Me:    (daydreaming about all the drum playing I would do while he was at school) Of course!
Him:  Guess what!? I got trumpet!!
Me:    Wait—what just happened?

Because when your kid says percussion, your mind doesn't make the natural leap to trumpet.

I had been looking forward to drums. Drums are cool, yo! I would love to play drums, but a middle-age woman going to buy herself a drum kit kind of screams mid-life crisis, whereas a middle-age woman going to buy her 7th grader a drum kit totally screams oh yeah!

So we bought him a trumpet. He practiced and we laughed about how he sounded like was was Dory, the fish, speaking whale. To be clear: learning the trumpet is not a graceful activity. And then one day, after we had invested all the money in his trumpet, he confessed: he was kind of over it.

Wait—what just happened?

This is not how this works, kid. You make a choice like this and ask your parents to invest money in it, and getting over it is not one of your options. His major complaint: there aren't any cool songs that have a trumpet.

So there's my mission. I scoured my music library and picked the brains of my village and came up with a list of trumpet songs for my kid to use as inspiration. And it worked. He's back on the trumpet bandwagon (you see what I did there) and is once again excited about the trumpet.

Here's a trumpet-heavy playlist to inspire your inner band kid:

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  1. I hope you get to be a blurred out face on Google maps.