Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Kissmas

When Influenster contacted me to tell me that I was going to get a for-free box of chocolate in the mail? I'm so down with that. Sign me up and Merry Christmas! Or rather, Merry Kissmas, as this box contained a package of Hershey's Kisses.

I can't remember a time when I didn't know what a Hershey's Kiss was, a time without these tiny, bite-sized drops of chocolate. Can't think of a holiday event that didn't feature cookies with a perfect little Kiss pressed into the center of it. But I also can't recall ever making them for myself.

Hold the phone—how is that even possible? Here I thought I'd hit on all the holiday baking memes, but never these? Sure enough. So when I received my awesome box of chocolate, I took to the interwebz to search for the perfect recipe. A cup of coffee, my laptop and a pile of chocolate Kisses (one for the baked goods, one for the baker!) and commenced to searching. And was surprised by what I found.

I scoffed when I saw that most of them called for a pre-packaged cookie mix. Pshaw! My holiday baking is the from-scratch variety!

Fast forward a few weeks, after the kids have both gone through the rounds of illness, keeping them out of school for days at a time and me off my own schedule. Then a week where the hubs was out of town for work and all the things happen that I need to stay on top of. And suddenly, it's days before Christmas and my holiday baking has fallen behind.

I swallowed my scoffs and pshaws along with a few more Kisses and snatched up some pre-packaged peanut butter cookie mix while rushing through the grocery store. I would get these cookies made and nobody had to be the wiser that I made them from a mix!

I took about 15 minutes on a Saturday morning while my daughter was getting dressed so we could go out and do some last-minute holiday shopping. The most intensive part of the cookie-making process was peeling the foil from the required number of Kisses before they were done baking, and even that wasn't overly difficult.

In under half an hour (including prep time, baking, peeling wrappers and clean up), we had a delicious batch of holiday cookies to share! And you bet your sweet Kisses I'll make them again. These are the peanut butter cookie variety, but with all the flavors of Kisses out there, the possibilities are endless. I'm thinking caramel-filled Kisses on a snickerdoodle ... Cherry Cordial Kisses on a sugar cookie at Valentine's Day ... chocolate cookies topped with coconut-cream filled Kisses because it's Tuesday ... now that I know how easy these little babies are to make, be aware that this is what I'll be bringing to the potluck from now on.

Thanks to Hershey's and Influenster for providing the inspiration and the chocolate! Disclaimer: this product was provided to me at no charge for testing/review purposes. I only recommend products or services which I personally believe to be good because my opinion is not for sale.


  1. As far as I'm concerned, there is no better chocolate treat in the world than a Hershey's kiss. And, believe me, I've tested plenty of chocolate treats! Also, I have a friend whom I consider to be a gourmet cook. I mean, she calls white sauce, "bechamel." You can't get more gourmet than that, right? Anyway, she once made a wonderful cake for a group of us and someone asked her if she'd made it from scratch. Her response: "I learned a long time ago, Betty Crocker can make as good a cake as I can, so why go to all the extra bother?" To that I add a resounding "amen"!