Monday, January 05, 2015

2015: Awareness

Bloggers know—a new year means everything. Time to commit to posting challenges and new themes and blogging about decluttering and all the healthy things! And do you hear that rumble? It's been growing... started out as a low hum but it gets louder... and louder until you can't resist it anymore.

Did you pick your word for 2015!?

Because it's totally a thing. Move over, Elf on the Shelf; the Word for the New Year is here.

It used to be a small thing, a way to pull focus—what do you want to work on? Where could you do better? Could you distill your thoughts, your hopes and dreams for the coming year, into a single word? Preferably a verb.

I blame Pinterest. That gorgeous site that encourages us all to lead perfectly prettily curated lives. 

Pinterest aside, picking a word to focus on is an exercise that comes easy to me—in marketing and media professions, it's common to brainstorm a word that encompasses everything you're trying to be at any one given time. This word becomes your standard, that thing you carry on a stick before you as you move forward.

Distilling ideas down into happy little sound bites became a normal part of my professional life for a long time. And from my professional life, it filtered into my personal life, and I raged against that machine last fall (Hashtag Life). I don't want to be a slogan. I still don't. But I do choose a word.

Rather, a word chooses me.

You know how on a dramatic TV show (like, maybe CHIPS or The A-Team) with a mystery to solve, there are moments that give you all the answers you need to solve it, but you just don't know it yet? You have to put it into context and really pay attention to what you're being shown, discern between the red herrings and the real clues, but the answers are there. Eventually, the more you watch the show, the more you see these little teasers and you can solve the problem right along with Ponch and Jon.

Now, apply that to reality. The things that keep coming up. The struggles you keep having. If you pay attention, you might find that answers are waiting for you. Not even like in a new-agey "we are all connected to the energy of the universe" way, but in the way that our brains will work on problems when we don't focus on them.

So it's not about the focus, it's about awareness. And that's my word for 2015.

I'm not so much a live in the moment sort of girl; I make plans for the future, for a week from now, 10 minutes from now, but I have trouble with the now. But not being aware now means that I miss a lot of things. When I am aware, I notice how things work together. How one thing impacts another. How it all fits together like a puzzle.

But this year, I'm going to try to be more aware.

Did you pick a word? 


  1. I love you writing, Mari. It flows and entertains me. Ponch and Jon! Love it. My word for 2015 is LISTEN. Love you, girl!!

  2. My word is health. I didn't choose a word, but it came to me in an exercise in my Tuesday Coffee Chat hop, and it fits. I didn't realize how much health, and different kinds of health, encompasses nearly every aspect of our lives, and they tend to have a domino effect on one another. So for me? This year, it's all about health - the improvement and preservation of it.

  3. Last year was the first time I'd heard about this concept and loved it - I chose "Intentional." Actually, I feel like it chose me. And you're so right - the one-word idea has really become a THING - I saw a blog post that had you input requested info and she had a "system" to come up with just the right word for you! Hmmmm. Maybe if somebody else has to tell you what it is, it's not QUITE the perfect word for YOU! I do have a word for this year - again, one that I believe God STRONGLY suggested - and I'm trying to process a bit before I "speak" it aloud. I just had a flashback to the old game show "Password." Loud deliberate whisper as the celebrities view the word: "And the password is: _____"