Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day 2015

Ugh. Snow day on a Monday when I got no sleep the night before. Long story but it has to do with thunder sleet (the reason for said snow day) and puppy. It's our first snow day of the year, and it's not even really a snow day, it's an ice day, and that's just not fair. I mean, come on, they need to rename that because it's not as fun to have an ice day as it is to have a snow day.

I mean, a snow day connotes so many magical things; snow forts and snow ball fights and snow angels and playing in the snow until you can't feel your appendages and then coming in the house and leaving your wet clothes in a pile and having hot cocoa and watching a movie and hooray! Except that's from the kids' point of view. From the mom's point of view, a snow day means digging through boxes to find warmish and possibly waterproof clothing that still fits and will keep them from getting frostbit for at least 5 minutes, getting yourself a cup of coffee after spending at least half an hour helping them get dressed and taking a sip or two before trying in vain to wipe up the puddles left by their trail of wet clothes as they barrel back into the house demanding warmth and trying to keep the dog from absconding with damp socks that smell like a delicious mix of wet and foot.

And by then your coffee is cold.

But on an ice day, you skip the fun part (yes that was the fun part) and just get the passive-aggressive sighs of children who want to go outside and play in the promised snow that never showed up. Ice is not as fun and may leave you counting down the minutes until daddy gets home from work and you can hide in the bedroom with a Law & Order rerun, half of a leftover carrot cake and a bottle box of merlot, no-I-don't-need-a-fork-or-a-glass-please-and-thank-you.

This morning, I had the added pressure of the aforementioned no sleep. I tried to get back to sleep after being rousted from bed at an obscenely early hour to no avail; and by the time I did get to sit down I was wide awake but the puppy happily took a nap on my foot, which prompted this series of Facebook posts:
12:30am: the time of day you will learn that your puppy is not a fan of thunder sleet. *yawn*
4:15am: the time of day your puppy will bark because she wants to be sure the back yard is secure.6:09am: the time of day you get the phone call that school is cancelled due to ice and you should sleep in... Except your puppy gets all excited and barky again.6:45am: you give up the whole sleeping thing & power down a giant cup of coffee. You sit down and your puppy immediately falls asleep on your foot.
I drank my coffee and just accepted the fate of my day. Made a fire in the fireplace so it was nice and cozy and put together a nice crockpot of soup (tomato with Italian sausage & tortelloni). I even found a recipe for tomorrow's dinner for good measure. Started laundry. Woke the kids up at 8:30 with an "Oh my god! You overslept!" but they didn't buy it. I told them I was in a horrible mood and did not want to deal with any shenanigans (silliness is okay; shenanigans are not). Told them they could go and play after breakfast was had, messes were made and cleaned up and the first of the day's fights had ended.

And then, a magical thing happened about half an hour later—they came out and told me to go and relax and they would take care of Trixie (she still needs supervision when not crated). That little moment was a beautiful thing. Totally made my day. I actually got a stress-free shower. Nobody got hurt. Nobody cried (except the dog—puppies totally whine A LOT). I took a few pictures and I'm sticking a fork in this day.

Dog is napping. Kids are reading. And that couch is calling to me for a nap so I better get on it while I can (because you know as soon as I hit "Publish" all hell will break loose)...

PS: I did end up with 23 minutes of blissful, uninterrupted, feet-up couch time. Ahhhhh...


  1. I am amazed that you could write coherent sentences after all that. That is truly impressive.

    1. Autopilot is my normal operating mode, Johnny!

  2. You do not make me miss the puppy stages. Rosie has been sleeping on the couch for close to 9 hours now.

    And I completely agree about the "snow" day. I'm looking out the backdoor right now at all the sunshine and melting ice. What a let down.

    1. I want to be a kid on a snow day again because being the adult all the time just plain sucks.