Wednesday, March 18, 2015

LTYM 2015: Part 2

Remember that one time, when I told you about how I auditioned again for LTYM OKC?

You remember, when my husband and I both auditioned for the show? I mean, it was just last week. Hopefully you remember.

Well, the cast was announced and after several days of chewing fingernails in breathless anticipation, I can tell you what happened.

I didn't make it. I'm not a cast member this year, but I'm still an alumni of the show. Oh yeah, and the wife of a 2015 cast member because he totally made it.

Along with a slew of other awesome people, my husband is a cast member of the 2015 LTYM show in OKC, and I'm pretty damn proud.

The cast of the 2015 LTYM-OKC show, including my husband.

The last time I did the show (in 2013), he showed an interest of his own. He asked me a ton of questions (as is his way) and kicked around the idea of auditioning. But I'm not a writer, he said. They'd never pick me, he said. I'm a guy, he said.

No, he's not a writer but he has words. They did pick him. And yeah, he's a guy, but like I said; he has words. And his words are passionate and emotion-filled. I know his story. I've lived his story. It's powerful, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

This year, it's his turn to tell.

Tickets are on sale now for this emotional, moving, uplifting event. This is the third year I've been involved in some way, and you can be sure that I'll be in the audience.

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