Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunday: Perspective

Recent articles have mentioned how people dread Sunday nights... and I don't get it. Sunday night is a time I savor, really from about 4pm or so, it's probably my favorite time of the week.

I'm sure I wasn't always this way.

In fact, I'm fairly certain that it's the just under three years I worked the night shift when I garnered my love for Sunday nights. Back then, it was days and nights mixed up—weekdays would be awake at prime time, work all night, back to bed in the late morning.

When Friday rolled around, being young, the day was spent staying awake as long as humanly possible. Breakfast out (on payday), maybe a power nap laying out in the sun (during the summer months), shopping, errands and family time before heading for bed as late as possible. Then awake on Saturday morning (like a normal person) and pretend that my days weren't all topsy turvy, until Sunday, when 4pm meant going to get some meaningful sleep before work that night.

No dinner with the family.

No AFV or the Simpsons.

No savoring the late afternoon light or basking in the sunset before the next workweek commenced.

I'm sure there were only a few times where my family was all congregated around, spending time together, seeing as how by this time in my life, all my siblings had grown up and moved out. But maybe I remember Sunday nights when I was in elementary school, when Sunday night meant dinner together (we had a gigantic picnic table in the dining room to fit our large family), or when I was in high school and Sunday night meant a cozy dinner lit by oil lamp, watching "Ripley's Believe it or Not" and "60 Minutes" with my mom and dad.

Fast-forward a few years (okay, a lot of years) and life changes and I'm still pretty enamored of that special feeling of a Sunday night. It's our family time, our home time, the time we schedule nothing except maybe a few chores. I'm more inclined to give the kids more freedom, let them stay out to play a little longer, give them as much of this night as I can.

We have dinner as a family (though sometimes it's sandwiches or leftovers and nothing fancy). We coordinate schedules and figure out what needs to happen this week, what will end up falling by the wayside. We argue and snap at each other and crack jokes and hug each other and do all the things, good and bad, that show we're a family.

We watch AFV & the Simpsons.

I catch the sunset if I can, toast to another week successfully lived, and get ready for the week to come.

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