Thursday, July 02, 2015

Half by Half

A highly filtered selfie
to celebrate my bday.
Today is my 45th birthday. It happened rather quickly, as these things seem to do, sneaking up on me when I didn’t expect it. I remember being in my 20s, it seemed like those years when on forever, as though they would never end. And then—poof!—here I am, suddenly older.
And just five years from 50.
It seems time to make a big decision about… well, something. I’ve done that before, to various results. But this time, I’m trying to do it differently.

Using up the last month of my gym membership (after
dusting off my membership card) by trying to get some
progress on my cardio. This was a fitting song for the day.
I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained weight for various reasons; I’ve also gained and lost and gained and lost a level of strength and fitness. Right now, I want to regain my strength, weight be damned. I heard a TV commentator say that eventually you get to the point in life where you exercise and eat right not to be thin but to extend your life. And quality of life.
And that’s where I’m at.
I’ve run 5K races before, but as I’m staring down the barrel of 50, I want to make a bigger statement. I mean, seriously—50. Half a hundred, yo. Even though I'm really good with getting older (as the alternative is dying, it doesn't sound so bad to me), this feels like a big deal. Like I need to do something big to mark the occasion.
So that’s what I want to do—commit to running a half-marathon by the time I’m half a hundred.
Talking with friends last weekend, I realized that gives me just enough time to succeed—a few months to hit it hard, then about double that to recuperate from the inevitable injury because I tend to overdo it at first. Then, some time for deep contemplation and consideration. Some time to forget about it completely. Some time to half-ass the training and look for an easy way out and then 6 months to properly train for the OKC National Memorial half-marathon in 2020. (2020!? How is that even a thing? Weird.)
The race will happen just after my son turns 18, just before he graduates. I could use something to take my mind off all of that, a good stress reliever to employ as a distraction. And running is healthier than wine. (Even though they tell me that red wine is as good as a cardio workout—I'll have to include that in my regime. Like it was even a question about that.)
If sharing an iced coffee with Trixie after my run is wrong,
I don't wanna be right.
So there you go. I’m committing to a #halfbyhalf, and as is my way, I’ll be blogging and writing and complaining and sharing my personal observations and tips that help me with training as I go. 
I'll also be sharing some playlists—here's my favorite from today:
  1. Punk Rock & Roll (Street Dogs)
  2. Fancy (Iggy Azalea)
  3. Dancing Days (Led Zeppelin)
  4. Diamonds & Guns (Transplants)
  5. Jessie's Girl (Rick Springfield)
  6. Orange Crush (REM)
  7. Good (Better than Ezra)
  8. Room at the Top (Adam Ant)
  9. Praise You (Fatboy Slim)
  10. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (Blues Brothers)
You want to join me? I'd love the company.


  1. wahoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Mari, what a cool and worthy goal, and I LOVE your catchy label. "Half by Half." YESSSSS. I am so excited for you, and please consider me a local ally in your efforts. You are so positive and awesome already; this will only amplify your best self. xoxox Hugs!!

  2. I really love this idea and admire your dedication. In five years after you achieve your goal maybe I'll be ready to make a similar commitment.

  3. Good for you! I find this very inspiring. At 33 I want to have more energy to keep up with my kids and am trying to figure out the best way to get in shape. I want to be around a long time for them. Thanks for the inspiration.