Friday, July 10, 2015

LTYM 2015: The time has come

You guys, I told you. I sent in my LTYM audition piece in January.

And then in March, I went into that audition, accompanied by my husband, who surprised me with his own audition.

And then, after that, when I found out I didn't make the cut this year... but he did.

And then he talked about what that was like. And then, so quickly, it was show day!

Flyers from the 2015 show
Listen to Your Mother in OKC is like coming home for me. I've been involved from the start here—as a cast member, then in year two supporting the new cast and most recently as the proud spouse of a cast member.

Though my time on the stage was two years ago, LTYM remains a big part of my life. Here in Oklahoma City, the alumni have come together to support the new cast each year. LTYM has brought to me a connection with others that is meaningful, deep and long-lasting.

Each year, I'm amazed when someone is unfamiliar with the series, and I'm excited that it means I get to tell someone else about what a life-changing experience this has been for me.

This year, the Listen to Your Mother book is available, featuring highlights from shows presented over the years, all around the country, and allowing an entirely new audience to access the moving and meaningful stories shared about mothers.

A few highlights from the 2015 show:

Me and Lorriana, my "secret sister"

Tony, trying to fight nerves before the show.

It's a daunting view.

The cast of the 2015 OKC LTYM show

Grabbing a selfie with my girl Dani, LTYM KC alum

The 2015 show takes a bow

Post-show with my husband
Even better? The show videos went up today. If you didn't get a chance to make it to the show, you can view all the videos today. Including my husband's video—yes, I'm biased because I love him but seriously; it's good stuff.

So watch the Oklahoma City show. Then, tomorrow, you can start writing your entry for 2016 with all the inspiration you just soaked up. You can also view the shows hosted at all the other cities around the country this year and all the years past at the Listen to Your Mother YouTube channel.

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