Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mixed Media: Aug '15

In the Pop Culture Happy Hour (PCHH) podcast that I adore, they always wrap up the broadcast with "what's making us happy this week." I love that and always find new things to check out when I listen. That's what this list is going to be, my own "what's making me happy" pop culture breakdown, what I'm reading and hearing and watching and—most importantly—loving.



I'm back on the audiobook bandwagon, and I was brought there by Amy Poehler. I think it was through an episode of PCHH where it was mentioned that her Yes, Please was actually best experienced through audiobook, and Poehler herself says in the book that she's been told she's "better in the room," and I think it might be true for how much I'm loving this book. I also own this in hardcover but fell in love with her voice.

Based on the success of the previous title, I set Mindy Kaling's e-book aside in favor of the audio version. Her essay collection is accessible and refreshing, with some overlap to Poehler's book in the same way that Poehler's book overlaps with Tina Fey's Bossypants. I can't wait to pick up Kaling's next book and promise not to sit on it for several years before finally reading it.

These women are poised to take over the world. I'll happily hold their earrings.



One night when no movies looked watchable and that's pretty much all I wanted to do (dissolve in front of the TV with a movie), I was surfing through the On-Demand section and found the show UnReal on Lifetime (shut up). I should first mention—I do not watch The Bachelor. I just cannot go there. UnReal is a send up of what may or may not (or may) go on backstage at these "reality" dating shows. It's not a show that will restore your faith in humanity in any way, shape or form, but it's quite entertaining.

Netflix. What I love about streaming Netflix right now, even more than the original programming that I binge on like so many candy corns at Halloween is the access to classic television shows like Malcolm in the Middle that I know my kids would love. And they do. This one is for them, as they binge on this early-00s show and I wonder what ever happened to that kid who played Dewey and re-watch Breaking Bad after they go to bed.



Sometimes, I'll surf the online music store connected to my phone and come up with nothing. Those days, I'll curse the reality of way too many songs that sound the same and I'll want to throw my tiny phone computer across the room in a fit of vexation. But I don't. First of all, because that tiny thing is expensive and that's not who I am and second of all, because sometimes I'll plumb the depths of that online store and come up with gold. That happened this week in the form of Highly Suspect and their newest release, Mister Asylum. Billboard  has described them as 'bluesy' and 'grungy' and that's why I love them so. I also saw that they are on the roster for the KATTFEST this weekend in Oklahoma City, which I am not able to attend. But if you do? Be sure to check out this band you may not have heard of before.



I don't just love audiobooks; I love all books. I'm equal-opportunity that way. Right now, I'm rocking You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Seriously, so many women I know and trust have told me how much they love this book, it would be a disservice for me *not* to read it. Or for you not to read it. I'm in a sort of online workout group on Facebook in which this book is prominently featured, and I hope that by the end of the month, my inner badass is fully engaged and in charge. I'll keep you posted on that.

Zentangle. Seriously, how did this become a thing that everyone knows about all of a sudden? It seems like it wasn't there and then—poof!—it was. Move over, adult coloring books! I have bought my little papers and sharp-tipped pens and checked out the One Zentangle a Day book by Beckah Krahula from my library and plan to give it a whirl.


Board Games.

This has been the summer of Settlers of Catan. After my son received the game for Christmas, we started playing as a family and have embroiled ourselves in an all-or-nothing contest for bragging rights as the Champion of Catan. We bought the expansion pack for extra players to get the extra land expansion and also the additional colors (being that when board games are played, I'm always green). We discuss adding other expansions to our base game, but all of that is just chatter as we play. It's become our weekend ritual after dinner, where we all sit down together, talk some smack and cue up the classic rock internet radio station.

We are all currently tied at four game wins each, with each person's wins a subject of hot debate as to whether "the only reason he won is because you helped him" or "the only reason she won is because I was too tired to try harder."

Whatever. Don't dilute it with haterade. It's a fun game that even our youngest can play while the grown ups are still challenged and interested. Everyone learns strategy and diplomacy and we all have fun.

So, in the PCHH tradition of "what's making me happy this week," this is what's making me happy this month.


  1. I love the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast...and this is a great list! I may have to download a couple audio books for upcoming trips...and these are great suggestions! I just bought an adult coloring book and can't wait for it to come in! ha!

    1. Isn't it fun, Brit? I would love to do something like that. Or, really, just that. :)
      Maybe we can do our own little pop culture periscope @ AWBU!?