Friday, August 14, 2015


I've done my fair share of yoga. I enjoy it, and I have been using the same DVD for a few years now.

But... like with all the different kinds of exercise... it's been a while.

In my opinion, this is the best yoga workout
pretty much in the ever.
So, the other night, when I gathered up my laptop and DVD and went looking for the yoga mat, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to find the yoga mat was ruined by the tight strap holding it rolled up in the corner. And, yes, a few dust bunnies ran out when I unfurled it—but, hey, bright side! no spiders.

So I started my workout—posing my crappy, old broken body on my crappy, old, broken mat.


I mean, I'm very out of practice on my practice. My shoulders have been hurting me all day. So, I gave myself permission to fail, to maybe not complete the poses to their most difficult degree. I looked forward to the cat/cow and the downward facing dog, dreaded the cobra and the pigeon poses.

The glorious thing about yoga is the more I do it, the easier it is to do. I was reminded to breathe into my lungs, which I sometimes forget to do, especially when I'm stressed. I just let that breath into my head but never take a deep, full breath, letting the oxygen flow all through my body. That's part of what his DVD focuses on, and I was reminded how good that feels.

I didn't do all the poses fully; some twists I couldn't twist all the way. Some stretches, my hands went to my shins and not all the way to the floor. But I listened to my teacher and made sure that even if I couldn't reach, I could breathe. Deeply and fully.

Then I got to the pigeon pose. I think this is my most favorite pose, loosening up those hip flexors and hamstrings, so invigorating and relaxing. I forgot about my weight, my difficulties and stumbling blocks, the things I focus on all day long that remind me of what I can't do. I just did it. And it felt freaking fantastic.

By the time I was done, as I lay on the floor in my final corpse pose, I was surprised at how quickly the time had seemed to pass. That's another one of the things I love about this DVD; depending on where my head is, I focus on different parts of the routine and different poses and stretches feel better. The same routine somehow doesn't feel the same, no matter how often I do it.

When the routine ended, I sat up, taking my final deep breaths. My shoulders were relaxed back, not even hurting anymore. That routine I'd been dreading had been just what I needed. I felt calmer, more centered. And as I got up to roll my yoga mat, I saw that what looked like a ruined mat when I first started? Looked fine now.

I (and my mat) will live to yoga another day.



  1. I too LOVE yoga!! And to me the best sequences are those that remind you of something you had forgotten, like breath or peace or hands-to-heart. Good stuff. Life-affirming, healthy stuff./ Yay you!! xoxo