Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Hot Springs

My head is reeling. Reeling! What a whirlwind weekend was had in Hot Springs this past weekend. First of all, it's about a 5 hour drive from OKC, half of which is through a windy, gorgeous landscape of mountains and trees. Second of all, I hardly slept—I was too busy catching up with people I love and only get to see once, maybe twice, if I'm lucky, each year. Last, because it was the Arkansas Women Bloggers University conference where I learned all the things and laughed and cried and helped people and was inspired by people and was lifted up by the grace and love of a network of lady bloggers.

And I'll talk more about that. I mean, I posted a little bit about my session (Yes, You Are a Writer), and I'll talk about it more later as well, but right now, I just want to share some of the beautiful images from the Arlington. I'd love to have more pictures from Hot Springs but at these kinds of conferences, you get to soak up the image from an arms-length. I scooped up all I could.

Here are some of them.

The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs hosted our conference.

The hotel is filled with original details, like these glass doorknobs and keyholes (you needed
actual keys, not card keys, for your room).

Dew drops on the cobwebs of the window latch. 

You know what? It's really hard to get a photo of a mirror.
This one looked original to the hotel.

Some people were reminded of Titanic and were looking for Rose and Jack to come
down the staircase. Others (like me) were reminded of
The Shining and were afraid
to turn a corner and run into a creepy set of twins.

Painted glass entry to the famous bath house.

Vintage post in the bathroom of the Al Capone Suite.

 Another vintage post from the bathroom of the Al Capone suite.

Super-secret getaway door in the closet of the Al Capone suite.

View from the living room of the Al Capone suite.

Al Capone in the Al Capone suite!

Seriously. All of this Al Capone talk had me singing this song:

No, it's not about Hot Springs, but they do name-check Al Capone. We played the song in tribute when we were hanging out in the suite. From what I know of Mr. Capone (all of which was garnered from HBO's series Boardwalk Empire), he might have enjoyed this.

Another bath house/hotel that burned out about a year ago

Fun entryway to the restaurant where we didn't go for dinner

Looks like the set from Psycho... but it's actually a book-themed bed and breakfast (who knew!?)

Where we went for dinner. We customized our buffalo mozzarella pie with prosciutto and arugula and yes, yummy.

Mountain views from a roadside stop on the way home.
That's not a thing flying in the sky, it's a dead bug on my windshield (sorry).


  1. Thanks for the journey!

    1. Don't those glass doorknobs take you right back to 20th Street? :)

  2. You sure did capture some Arkansas beauty!

    1. The hotel was so cool and historic. I wanted to try to capture a bit off the quirky detail!

  3. That haunted looking house w/ the creepy motel was actually a B&B?! I don't know if I would be brave enough to stay there. Would you?