Friday, September 11, 2015

Road Games: Cows, Snowcones and What Now?

Those are my cows.
Who doesn't love a road trip? On my recent road trip to Hot Springs, I traveled some backroads straddling the Arkansas/Oklahoma border with my writer friends. Writers—especially bloggers—are good road trip companions because they are creative and they look at every twist and turn in the (literal and figurative) road as an adventure. A blog post in the making.

We started playing a game that Lisa suggested, called Cows. The gist of the game is the passengers in the car scan the landscape for grazing cattle. When said cows are found, the finder is to say "Those cows are mine!" The object is to collect herds of cattle. But then it gets interesting, because if you see a graveyard, the finder of said graveyard gets to say "Your cows are dead!"

As the driver, I was not authorized to play. I know, right? Heresy! Because I'm a good scanner. I would probably make a good pilot if I had better depth perception and no fear of heights or enclosed spaces (whatever). When I drive, I scan the road 360 degrees. So I found a lot of cows. The lucky winner on this road trip is the one sitting in the front seat, because I pointed out a lot of cows and graveyards.

I should mention here that I learned about the strict rules of Cows. Cows must be in a field because cows in a trailer are probably going off to slaughter and therefore are probably not happy cows. Even if there's just a small trailer with one or two of them in a small trailer actually munching on hay, these cows were not legal. Cows on sticks (statues), also not legal. And graveyards also not negotiable. No signs pointing to graveyards, not even a monument company with a yard full of granite markers—must be an actual graveyard. I tried to update the rules, but the first rule of Cows is that nobody messes with the rules of Cows.

So I had to think up my own games. The first one that came to mind was Wal-Mart or Target in place of cows and graveyards. Problem is, this being Arkansas, there was nary a Target to be found but a plethora of Wal-Marts. Not very challenging.

Several hours into the drive, after passing neither field of cows nor graveyard, we came up with a new game: Strip Club or Snowcone Stand? Definitely an adults-only game, but a legitimate game because in many rural areas, you run into a lot of each of them and the names can be confusing. We drove past places with names like the Sugar Shack, Shavers, Hula Island, Treasure Island and more. Maybe it was the hours we spent on the road that drove us to giggle fits, but we certainly had fun with that one!

What's your favorite game to play in the car?


  1. Love it. Moooove over "I Spy with My Eye", there's a new game in town called COWS and it is an udderly terrific. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Holy cow. Stop me now.

    1. LOL! I'd reply with a cow pun but I think you maybe used them all?

    2. I will never be able to pass cows or a graveyard again w/o thinking of this game. Just last night we passed an unusual cemetery and I almost triumphantly shouted out "all your cows are dead!" Then I realized they would have no idea what I was talking about.