Friday, October 23, 2015

This is how I fashion

Hello, fashion!
The past few months, I created (and curated) outfits based around one key piece on the Polyvore website. At first, it was easy; I had a dress I wanted to wear more and wasn't sure what to wear it with, so I used that as my base item. Then, the next month, I wanted to get some ankle-length, printed pants, but wasn't sure if I would have much to wear with them, so I styled a bunch of outfits around them before I decided to buy them.

But then October came around.

And my uniform is made up of T-shirts and jeans and Chucks and, occasionally, when I've just given up and don't care that I haven't had a pedicure for like a year, flip flops.

The other day, I chose my outfit of the day (black Oklahoma T-shirt, Capri jeans and a hoodie or something). But it was too warm for a hoodie, so I grabbed a red plaid shirt. I mean, as a Generation X kid and a Wisconsin girl, plaid is kind of a given. And this particular shirt is thin, so it's a good choice for days that are supposed to be fall but feel more like summer.

When I sat down to breakfast, the Timehop app showed me pictures about what has happened on this day in past years, allowing me to relive random memories of small children, tantrums, friends I no long talk to, and deployments. Good times.

And four years ago, I saw that I went to the pumpkin patch with my kids (back in the day when they were excited about such things, not like now when they're so over it), wearing a sporty red plaid shirt.

Yes, that red plaid shirt.

I mean, I even selected a very similar shirt to pair with my dress in my August Polyvore collection.

Outfit 5, blue denim dress

I realize that as a staying at home mom and freelancer, my clothes aren't necessarily the most important thing on my mind. There are days when I get ready before my daughter leaves for school—these are very productive days—and I'm dressed and ready before 9. Then there are other days when I say to myself "I'll wait until she leaves," which is code for spending the day at home doing housework or freelance work (or binge watching Outlander and American Horror Story) and then waiting until 2 to shower before the family starts getting home and I can keep my secret.

I've always dreamed of a What Not To Wear ambush makeover, but that's just not going to happen. First of all, the show isn't on anymore. Second of all, in the later years, the show focused on some hardcore hot messes. I just lean on a basic bitch wardrobe of Capri pants, T-shirt, a scarf or necklace if I'm feeling jaunty.

Spoiler alert: I'm not overly jaunty.

So, kids, this is what you have to look forward to; getting old and realizing that some of your favorite fashion choices are older than your children. I mean, I have a long-sleeved Gap V-neck shirt that, were it a person, is old enough to buy itself a six pack.

Maybe I need to Polyvore that?


  1. I love the idea of creating outfits BEFORE buying something super trendy or hard to style. I need to do more of that so I don't end up with fashion regret.

  2. When looking at what is trending and relating it to my closet, I always feel like I am playing dress up in someone else's closet! Love finding new pairings... Also love a good go-to flannel! Dad's are the best... :-(