Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Food: A #HalfByHalf post

Will run for food.
"Mom! Do you want to know why we were yelling?!!?"

Uhh... not really. I was taking a shower. I couldn't hear a thing. And it was lovely.

Spoiler alert: to you parents of young children who may be wistfully dreaming of the day when you can take a shower or use the bathroom in peace, someday, when your kids are older? For some of us, that day never comes. I picture the inner dialogue to be along the lines of: "Mom is being awfully quiet; let us help her by making all the noise and demanding all the attention! Huzzah!"

"We were yelling because Trixie got into her food!"

So, earlier this year, we got a cute little Lab puppy... a tiny ball of fur that has quickly developed into a giant Lab puppy-slash-eating-machine. I've been known to post pictures on Instagram of my puppy with captions that speak to her joyful proclivity for constant eating.

But I get it.

Does she eat because she's hungry? Maybe sometimes. But definitely not all the time. Sometimes she just eats because that's what she does, because whatever is nearby fits into her mouth or she wants to test to see whether it fits in her mouth or not. Because if it does? It must be food. When she was a tiny fur meatball and I took her to the vet for her first appointment, he filled her full of nutritious dog treats while examining her and administering shots, telling me that it was the best way to deal with what he referred to as a chowhound. Pretty spot-on.

And like I said, I get it. I mean, I don't eat just because I'm hungry. Is that really a thing that people do? I mean, sometimes I eat because I'm hungry, sure; but also because I'm happy or sad or angry or surprised or bored or because I walked past some food that looks tasty and I can reach it.

In the summer, I don't have as much of a struggle with eating right, all the good foods are in season, but in the colder months, especially the holidays? All bets are off. What with the baking and the casseroles and saucy foods that are best served with a hearty side of warm bread and possibly a nice glass of wine? Well, what's a girl to do?

But I'm trying. Lean protein and green veggies (harder to find as they are going out of season), frozen veggies and lots of water. These are my tools. And the benefit of eating well as it really makes me want to move my body and get running. Because (spoiler alert), I've fallen off the track. But more and more I'm craving the movement and I may have told someone last week that I was going to sign up for the 5K at the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon this year. I mean, it's over 160 days away and even the most relaxed "couch to 5K" program can be completed in that time frame.

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  1. I couldn't be more with you on this post. I don't get people who "don't care what's for lunch" or "forget to eat" or "never snack" NOT me, never gonna be me.

    I've also fallen off track and trying to run after the wagon so I can get back on it. I would LOVE to do the OKC Memorial race. A couple years ago I was actually trying to get a marathon relay team together, but it fell through. I don't think the dates work for me this year...but I'll be cheering you on (from Arkansas). Maybe someday soon I can join you for that race!