Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Birthday to Trixie

This one time, we saw a sweet little puffball.

She stole all of our hearts.

"Look! She's drinking!" says Bjorn.

"Look she's biting her finger!" says Chthulu. So cute. 

So we decided to keep her. We bought her a bed befitting a dog with a stripper name.

We bought her a crate big enough for the dog she would become (and also for Chthulu and Bjorn).

She came home with us and explored her world.

Hey, look! It's snow!

Hey, look! I can fit in this cubby!

Hey, look! I found a giant ball!

Hey! What's this?

She endured bath time.

And enjoyed nap time.

And then our cute, little, biting ball of fur...

Turned into a cute, giant ball of fur!

Happy birthday, Trixie!

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