Sunday, November 01, 2015

Holiday Slacker

Let it be known that 2015 shall be forevermore known as the year I became a holiday slacker. I didn't fully understand the level of my slack until fall descended. Because I love fall. It's my favorite season out of all of them, even here in Oklahoma when the fall weather lasts for approximately half an hour in mid-November.

I could tell you that the autumn-hued wreath you see in this picture is currently adorning my door, but that would be a lie. I mean, I painted my door turquoise blue like 3 years ago so it's not even a recent picture.

We usually celebrate the glory that is fall with hay rides and pumpkin patches and Oktoberfest beers and baking and shopping the Halloween Warehouse for costume accouterments and Bubba teeth. My kids love fall as well, they get excited for cool, overcast days that are perfect for sweatpants and hot cocoa.

Last year, when we went to the pumpkin farm.

I have boxes full of fall decor... boxes that are currently buried under boxes of other stuff that could be packed early, because we are moving this year. This isn't a bad thing, but it's certainly caused us to reorganize our priorities. Where we might normally be hosting friends for cocktails and snacks or decorating or watching holiday movies, we're spending our time sorting, packing and then sorting some more.

This year, to celebrate fall, we had dinner at POPS on the patio.
This means that fall has been celebrated only by trick-or-treating—and you'll have to take my word for that because I didn't take a picture of the kids at the door like I do every year.

Thanksgiving we will celebrate because we'll spend it with good friends at their house, trying hard not to think of our own house, across town, which by that time will be in a total disarray of packed and unpacked things. 

Christmas may or may not have a tree, though it would be an easy decoration this year as the tree is prelit. Best. Invention. Ever. Before the prelit tree, I was all Ralphie's dad down in the basement trying to fix the furnace and releasing the toxic cloud of swears.

Still, I find myself clipping holiday ideas from magazines, spending time on Pinterest and just scrolling through all the lovely holiday decor ideas. New Year's Eve will be spent as normal, at home with my family, trying to stay up late to ring in the new year. New Year's Day, we'll all think about how the coming year is going to bring us so many changes. And next year, I pledge to overdo it. Every holiday will be a reason to celebrate to excess, to decorate without restraint, to make up for the year without a holiday.

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  1. I've been a holiday slacker for SO long-ever since I moved to Arkansas. I even considered selling all my holiday decorations that have been collecting dust out in the garage. I kept them, though. At least for one more year. Good luck with the move!