Monday, November 30, 2015

Instant Karma

Yesterday, I took the kids to the movies. We saw the last Hunger Games film, which we'd all been looking forward to—along with thousands of others. I told the kids to grab a book and we left early. Hunkered down in the theater, sat in our not great but not horrible seats and enjoyed the movie. After the movie, after we sat for a few minutes during the credits to rehash and discuss the movie, I reminded my daughter to grab all of her stuff.

There had been two young girls sitting next to her—I would guess early teens based on their cellphone usage and joint bathroom trips and trendy clothing. I recall them kind of jostling around as they were leaving, reaching to the floor (which, I mean, is obvious in a movie theater as it's not something you really want to do, touch a sticky, icky movie theater floor). I noticed it as they were leaving but it didn't raise a flag. Until my daughter found her bookmark, but not her book.

After a few minutes of searching all the seats around us, we turned up no book. She was bummed. I asked a few questions: Was it a library book? -no- Was it borrowed from someone else? -no- Where did you get it? -free from a summer reading program-. Okay, well, it sucks that it was likely taken, but hopefully it will go to someone who needs it. We left, trying to find the silver lining.

Fast forward to this morning. Went out to take my daughter to school and there's the innards of my glove box exploded all over the front seat. My first thought is Why did my husband go through my glove box? but then I saw that the center console was up and my iPod was gone.

Someone broke into my car.

Well, "broke into" might be overstating it, because nothing was broken. The only thing I think is gone is that iPod—that early iPod touch that has no trade in value but also has my 5,000+ song music library stored on it.

My first reaction was WHEW. They didn't hurt my kids. They didn't steal my car. They didn't break into my house. They didn't hurt me. My second reaction was OH, HELL NO! because it's not okay. Someone stole my car music. Someone took things from us. I refuse to be happy that it wasn't worse. And it's not okay to take things that don't belong to you.

I've been focused on my family this weekend, trying to embrace each moment of our last Thanksgiving in this house, and I've been counting my blessings. Moments like this might make me angry, but I've been counting what I'm thankful for, and the things that were lost are not on that list. I feel lucky for that. I feel like these past few years of seeing the good first, of actively trying for happy are paying off.

So yes. We're angry. Feelings are little hurt. But we'll get over it. And to the person who decides to take things that don't belong to them? Make better choices. In the words of John Lennon...
... Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna look you right in the face
Better get yourself together darlin'
Join the human race...

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